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Taxxman's SAS

Well since everyone and their brother is starting an SAS thread I thought I would start one for mine.

According to the Fed Ex tracking number the Scout steering box is sitting at my house waiting for me to get home tonight. My 44 is sitting at a shipping dock waiting for me to drag the trailer over there tomorrow to pic it up. I'll get some pics tomorrow or Wednesday.

I am putting a Dana 44 from a 76 bronco under the front of my truck. It will be coil sprung and steered by a scout steering box.

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The drag link was too much of and angle for the heim joint. So I had to drop that. Now both are pretty close to the same. we will see how it is after I get the shocks on.

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is that a 4" drop pitman arm?

also i have a set of coil shims, i wont need them cuase i am going to use caster arms. here is a pic. they are brand new never been used still in the box. 40 bucks to your door.

You have any body lift on there?

No BL. About 6.5 inches up front and 5.5 in the rear. Wanna make sure front is good and settled before i do the rear. Thanks for the offer on the shims but I don't need them. The reason the springs bow out is not due to the uneven surfaces cause they are pretty much parallel. It is due to the fact that the bottom mounts are in a bit further than the uppers.

did you sleave the frame for the steering box?

sure did. 3/4" OD 7/16 ID DOM tubing. Easy to do and I am sure it makes a big difference.

how about a weekend update? or did you take the weekend off?

Just waiting for someone to ask. She has been at 4 wheel parts all weekend for an alignment and getting the 4.88s installed in the rear. i pick it up tomorrow. I have'nt heard from them so I assume it all went well.:D

Can't wait to ge her back so I can get the shocks mounted and see how she rides all aligned, geared and smooth! Then I can finally take some finished pics and post in the Registry. Only thing that won't be done is front shaft that will be a week or two. Going wheeling in the dunes this weekend so I have loads of other stuff to get done this week first before I start messing with the shaft. But 2wd and a locker will do me fine in the dunes and a good chance to test out the front suspension.

IMO - you should go ahead and post in the registery... you will never be "complete" ;) but you have done the work and have it rolling.

its going to be bombdiggity when you go wheeling for the first time! i promise:D :D


I might post it tonight, but I would like to get a better pic of it. But I could always change it after I get a pic this weekend....

ok time to post

she's got shocks! Rides like a dream (well almost) very smooth and almost drives itself. Only problem is a bit of sway to be taken care of when I mount the other set up front, just have a problem with the bracket, won't work with my steering setup. Need to design and have one made....


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these are explorer procomp 3000 or something like that. It is a very nice shock and way cheaper than the rancho 9000s. Though I like the adjustability of the ranchos.


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well I have a bit of a noticeable sag problem

Pass side is 1" higher than drivers all the way around so I think I I will put a 1" block on the drivers side in the rear to level it out. Any ideas? sound like a plan?

you have the rear sway bar hooked up? i thought my springs were wacky way off but then hooked up teh rear sway bar and the front leveled out. with soft leafs in teh back and soft leafs in the front it was flexing on the dirt driveway.

you have new springs in the front right? ide hate to think that there was an inch of difference right out of the box... also reconnecting rear sawy bar (had it disconnected for years) took care of my sway problem. i have rancho 5000 and trac bar front sway bar rear and feel like im in complete control of the truck at all times.

you still going to the dunes this weekend?

Yup still going to the dunes.

I don't even have my sway bars anymore nore would I hook them back up:D

It has been like this for years. it isn't the front springs it is the rear. It did this with my superlift but with the torsion bars it was easy to compensate for. So I am sure it is the rear and a 1" block could solve it. I will double check on a couple more surfaces befoer I actually go to the trouble.

I would personally rather have a stiff ride and only have to wrry about pulling the pin on my wristed arm than to have a soft no sway ride and hav to deal with sway bars. But that is just me.;)

ooops sorry i didnt read good enough..... you might think im nuts but i had the driver's side sag in the rear so i added another leaf to the driver's side. leveled it and not enough to notice on the trail.

a few years ago i repacked the leaf packs by switching every other spring. seemed ingenious at the time but it only last about 4 months :D

Remember, the driver's side is always going to be heavier since the gas tank and driver are over there, you might want to just swap the leaf packs from drivers to pass and vise versa. You'll hate blocks, too much axle wrap.

I rebuilt mine last summer like you said and same thing. The extra leaf is a good idea. On level ground it is off about 3/4 or so with 3/4 tank. So I picked up a 5/8 block froma truck shop here today. That won't be enough to cause any wrap. Should work out well. Dissadvantage to having soft springs I guess.

Isn't soft springs and their effects kind of a trade off for getting good flex on the trails?

Yes, sir. But that doesn't mean I am not going to try and fight the tradeoffs away....

She rides like a dream down the road, minus the sway, but it rides better than I ever remember, or I am just too happy to be stting up high again with something different?:rolleyes:

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you have to be convinced that it rides better. it does.... and everyone that looks at you like your a nut for doing this (grandparents, parents, relatives, well meaning coworkers) will all be put to rest when you tell them - "it rides better than stock!"