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Taylorpro's 1999 Ford Explorer Build -Sundownn, Singer Alts, Audio Technix


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May 31, 2012
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1999 Ford Explorer XLT
Whats up guys! The time has come to start a new build log. As some of you may know I got a new car a few weeks back and I'm just now getting it on the road and getting things installed. It's a 1999 Ford Explorer with the 4.0L SOHC engine.

BRAND new Michelin's were already installed...

The plan for this build FIRST is to get everything that I had in the tracer installed in this. I need to see what my baseline is to see if its louder/quieter than the tracer was how it sits. If it's as loud or louder, then my goal is to hit ALL the Db Drag shows I can to qualify for finals. I REALLY want to get enough points to go but it would require several trips to Michigan and Ohio which would not be cheap. Anywayz, after finals, I will FINALLY be saving for some more equipment to FINALLY get loud.lol. Get some real power for once. So be on the look for that.

For the time being I'm installing most of what was in the Wagon with the exception of the door speakers. For the explorer I'm gonna run a single Crescendo PWX 6.5 in each door in the factory location and a set of Power Acoustik NX-5 tweets that will probably end up in the A-pillars. But we'll see if I can fit them in the door somewhere first. Onto some pics

Cute Pic.lol


Installed some Powerbass 6x8's in the back doors that I had laying around from and old build. Fit well and sound decent.

Extra Battery box I got at the JY to cut up and see if I can get my XS D2700 to fit in there laying on it's side. Want as big a batt as I can up front.

Stock 6x8's in the front doors. Have to add another 1/2" spacer/adapter ring and then a few door panel spacers for the new mids to fit. Will be really tight but I'm fairly confident it will work alright.lol. Mids come in next week.

I love how this center console/dask looks for some odd reason

The Pioneer DEH-4200UB installed with a Metra dash kit. The dash kit fits great and was VERY secure. I was actually a bit concerned about breaking something on install.lol

Lastly, these are the tweets I'm using in the explorer. Shoutout to Skip01 on these; I saw them in his front stage a while back and liked how small they were.

Anyway thats about it for now. I have a box of Audio Techinix wire coming into today for the Ex. BIG thanks to Coleman for that. That will probably get installed next weekend. And then everything will start coming together. Thanks for looking!

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Wire is in! Huge thanks to Coleman for hooking me up with all the wire. Can't wait to get it in as soon as I can.


And btw, There will be four Sundown SA-12's on 2 Sundown SAZ-1500's for now. Should still be good for low 150's

New mids are in. Decided to go with the new Crescendo PWX 6's. Definitely look really nice and they look like they're made with quality. Really like the carbon cone/cap. Going to be running each mid off 2 bridged channels of my Alpine MRP-f300. So 150rms per driver. For the time being I'm going to make an adapter to get the mid to mount in the factory location and behind the door panel. It will be tight for sure, but should fit.lol


What crossover are you using for the mids and tweets?


What crossover are you using for the mids and tweets?

for the mids im going to be using the high pass crossover on my alpine mrp-f300 and set it to about 90hz. ill let the top end roll off naturally. then for the tweets, i made some passive crossovers that are inline and are ~3200hz high pass with a 12db roll off

Here come the updates.lol.

From July 18th
finally got some damn motivation and worked on the truck the better part of the day today. Worked on running all the power wire. got it just about done. Just have to hook up my Toolmaker distro's in the back, wire some grounds to the chassis for the front batt, and get my D2700 fitted in there so I can hook it all up. Probably be tomorrow's task.

After a bit of searchin, this is the location i decided on.

Nice and crooked


Good grounds

Power wiring coming into the engine compartment

Pretty clean IMO

Running along the frame

Up into the top of the frame rail

I like **** neat...

Made a nice little recess into the seat back covers and poke the wires through here

Toolmaker distro blocks will sit right there in the floor. More to come soon

did this last thursday. got the D2700 fitted and grounds done up front. also been scrounging ebay and have worked things out for an even better head unit!!! stay tuned!

Well did some work this afternoon (7/22) since it was cooler. still was humid as #### tho. got the nendo mids fitted into the door. for now just on head unit power until i get my new tweets in the mail and get my mids amp installed. sound pretty good for such little power! alotta mid bass will crossed at 80hz. Also got my stinger pro 12 gauge ran into the front doors for the mids. gonna put the mids amp under the rear seat. Big thanks to Calebjcline for hooking me up with the wire. really appreciate it man. please excuse my rather ghetto adapters and use of clear silicone :)

New spacer stacked on top of original spacer

Just enough room

Sound stage should be pretty high up and should sound pretty damn good

Well i did some bargaining, trading, and bartering to get a new head unit for the explorer. I've ALWAYS loved this deck and am pumped to get one. I started with a 40$ investment and ended up with this :) pretty happy.


love it :) gonna play with it for a while tonight on a test bench to figure out how to work the dern thing :p

WELL. I've been lacking on the updates as of late but ill get caught up this weekend. For now, I'll leave this


WELP had a 3x Db drag show yesterday in Elgin IL. Competed with one of my sundown SAZ-1500's in Street Stock Class and managed a 149.6 sealed on the glass. Pretty damn excited about the number considering I still havent got the new Mike singer alt in the car and the amp is far from ideal. I have alot of pics to upload in the next few days now that I have some time to chill for a bit so be on the look for updates

Here come the pics

New Tweets. Soundstream TWS.3's. Love em so far

How they fit in the door

Little bit of deadener over the speaker rings.

Wiring for the mids and highs amps

And this is what the amp mount, and full wiring looks like as of now. pretty pleased with it

Coolant line modifications to get more room for the alternator

This was at the 3x drag show last sunday in Elgin. Reppin AT

Little Hardware from the show as well

And thats about it for now guys. I'm going to try to get a video here in the next few days to give a nice walk around of everything.


Well last weekend I was back at a show. This time a 1x Drag show up in Hammond, IN. Once again competed in street stock with the one saz-1500 and managed a 149.6 again in eliminations. After everything gets updated on termpro, I should only need 9 more points to qualify for finals. So close!

Also, my alt spacer/adapter bracket came from Project Db Geoff. And it looks perfect! Basically what this does is just adapts the bolt pattern of my old alt to the one of my new alt and spaces it up off the factory bracket an inch as well. Lots of pics when I install it so it will make more sense. to the pics

Flush mount hole to utilize stock rear hole with socket head allen bolt

Threaded rear hole to utilize rear hole of new alt

Might try to go ahead and get the alt fitted tomorrow. Have to tinker with this vacuum line anyway but we'll see.

alright guys i got the alt on today. phsyically speaking the install went GREAT. the bracket worked flawlessly, all my bolts were correct and **** bolted on no problem. First issue came in the fashion of the belt. Most time with a HO alt you need a shorter belt due to the smaller pulley, but since i lifted my alt off the original bracket 1", i actually needed a longer belt. Stock length was 86.8" and I ended up with an 88". I'm happy with it. The NEXT debacle was the damn alt wiring. The alt I have uses the same plug as a 6g ford alt and the alt on my car originally is a different, 4g, plug. SO, I had to do some espeerimenting. According to google, on the 6g alt (with grey regulator) there should be a yellow wire going to 12v constant and a green wire going to 12v switched and thats how I have it now. Also the only way I tried that actually made the alt come on and charge. SO I guess it's right. If someone knows for sure, I love clarification. Anyway, onto the pics


Looks good man. Be on the lookout for my build thread within the next week. Going to be transplanting my SPL setup from my Neon into the Explorer. Incriminator Audio Death Row 15, Audiopipe AP30001D, Knu Konceptz Kolossus 1/0, 115ah battery, Alpine 7894. Front stage will come later, since I don't have the money to be spending on it right now.

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