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Tbars A4LD Temp Guage and Drain Plug

... looking into a good, inexpensive, synthetic to use...

I use Valvoline Mercon V in both of my trucks. It's synthetic, and gets changed every 15000 miles.

I know, that is probably too often. But, then again, my '93 tranny has 303,000 miles on it, and doesn't slip.

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someone give me enough courage to change my trans filter and fluid.. im still afraid its gonna mess things up! the fluid is looking BAD.

After reading this thread it's gotten the gears turning for an engine oil gauge, and a radiator gauge. Where would be a good place to mount the probes?

how did you screw the temp gauge into the pan?

...It screws into something like the drain plug and if I remember correctly, the parts came with the gauge..

the gauge only comes with adapters.you use an adapter with a nut on the back side?any nylon washer or just sealant?

..I do vaguely remember having to chase down some brass parts..:scratch:

..There is a plastic washer I used on the outside..

..and I think I only used the sealant on the inside but I did add a nut..;)

...Installed corrugated tubing...
7)...Same drive as 2), 1:30p.m., (85* outside) 168*-178* max
8)...Return trip at 8 a.m. 50 mph max (65* outside) ...130*-140*
9)...Same drive as 2), 5:30p.m., (75* outside) 160*-168* max
10)...Return trip at 8 a.m. 50 mph max (59* outside) ...130*-138*

also what did you install the "...Installed corrugated tubing..." on and why?

..This was installed from the probe to where the lead enters the vehicle...

...This keeps the dirt out of the spring wire (for lack of a better term), that is wound around the lead..Not only does it protect it from the elements, it also makes it easier to see (where) if it is rubbing on something or if/when this lead gets damaged...Think of it as a protective insulator..;)

ok gotca. didn't know if heat was affecting the reading.thanks for the help

man i don't know where you found that nut at but I've been to about 30 stores and can't find it.had to buy a reducer and cut it in half

...All my stuff is special..

..It's not that I try, it just works out that way...:D

..Glad you got something to work...I'm gathering parts for another project and just trying to find new matching stock pieces for a 98 is a pita..:rolleyes:

Ok I'm thinking about installing a temp probe in my Ex's tranny pan just like you did but I think I missed something... What parts are holding the probe in place? Is it just another drain plug?

If you have pics of the parts or part numbers that'd be great.

There is a bushing in the pan, and the temperature sensor is screwed into it.

Got a link or a picture? I'm having a heck of a time finding something to work

Check post # 67 in this thread.

Check post # 67 in this thread.

Ok I'm pretty sure I understand it now... After reading that post for like the fifth time lol. Guess that's what happens when you've been up since 7 and had classes all day.

Thanks for the help BB.