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tcc solenoid


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April 7, 2004
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96 XLT; 97 XLT
Wife's 96 4.0ohv ex o/d light blinks after about 30 minutes of driving on the highway. Had a local 1 man trans shop pull the code twice. Trans shifts hard from 1-2 going up and 2-1 coming down. Shop was supposed to get the solenoid in and replace it but never heard form the last month.

Trans has about 70,000 miles on it.Fluid has never been changed. Trans shop says not to change it. Should I changed the fluid?

Has anyone else had to replace the tcc solenoid? Where do I purchase this from? Which solenoid is it in the trans? What are your thoughts?

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You should download the 4R44E or 4R55E manual from this forum, yours is probably the 4R55E, then you can see where the solenoid is located. The TC solenoid can be bought many places on line or on eBay. However there are several things that can cause a TC malfunction code, but the first thing to replace is the solenoid, if you had the actual code it would be more helpful.

What code was it?

PS: I don't know why they say to not change the fluid.

Code was PO740, PO741, or PO742 (don't remember the exact code). Is there some checks that I can do?

Guy said not to change the fluid because it is a slight brown color and has some grit in it. Fluid never was cherry red from the day we got this ex.

Well at the very least you will need to check the wiring. Next least painful would be a TCC solenoid. Valve Body, torque converter, trans rebuild. You see where I am going. And if there is grit in the fluid, you probably need a rebuild.

Had the tcc solenoid replaced today. Also the filter, pan gasket, and some fluid was replaced. Local trans guy says o/d light still blinks after about 8-10 miles. He says the code is PO741. He said the clutch lock-up is about 85% per his snap-on scanner. Once he cleared the code, he drove another 8-10 miles and the o/d light started blinking. He got the same code again. What can I do or check?

Check the torque converter.

How do I check the converter? What am I looking for?