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August 6, 2010
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'06 Eddie Bauer v8 4x4
I went in to have TSB 08-24-4 performed, and low and behold, while they were communicating with the PCM, the PCM stopped working completely. It just died. So now, they're ordering a new one (under Warranty).

The service guy told me that I now don't need to perform the TSB since the new PCM they're overnighting will come with all the latest software updates.

Now I know TSB 08-24-4 talks about updating both the PCM and the TCM. Is the TCM part of the PCM unit, or is it a separate unit that will still need to be flashed/updated?

Note: This is a 2006 Ford Explorer EB v8 4x4 (the TSB would queue you in on that but just in case)


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when the dealer pmi's the pcm it will load the latest tcm code with it.

That's the thing, they won't be touching the PCM since it died, they'll just be installing the new one that's pre-loaded with all the new software. If the TCM is physically part of the PCM, I'm fine, if it's a separate unit, it sounds like I may still need them to do the TCM part of it?

a new pcm comes blank you need an ids and it uploads pcm/tcm codes. on a v8 or 6r60 trans the tcm is in the trans assy. on a 5r55 its in the pcm. non the less they cant just put a pcm in place and it works. they come blank. they need to be pmi.

old school pcm's used to come programed, but, the funky connectors, pcm's needs to programed. they need to know tire size, axle, etc.
they have to be programed by the dealership or someone with a working ids.

Ahh ok cool, so that makes sense then. Sounds like by default the TCM will get it at the same time when they program up the PCM. Thanks!!!