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TCS warning light not working


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August 6, 2023
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Saudi Arabia, riyadh
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Ford explorer 2010 xlt
I have a 2010 ford explorer 4.0. the tcs and abs warning light are not working for a while. Now i dont know if the tcs is actually working or not. My thoughts are i will have to swap the instrument cluster but m not confirmed if the bulbs for the warning lights are blown. I tried to open the cluster to replace those bulbs but those are not plug n play. I have to completely dismantle the cluster to reach those bulbs.
Can anyone suggest the fix for this or atleast give me a instrument cluster wiring diagram for 4th gen explorer.
Also how do i test if my traction control is working in this case..

Is your dash the one with a single button behind the steering wheel and small digital screen or the one where the buttons are by the hvac controls with the bigger screen? i ask because there is a way to test all the dash lights but the precedure is different depending on the dash.