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TDS 2011? anyone?


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August 1, 2005
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is anyone planning on the festivites of TDS this year??

In plan english:
Is anyone going??????????????

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I will be there in my ST and if I can get it together my 4runner.

...I'm out as I have a pretty full schedule next month..

hell yeah i'll be there!!! been looking forward to it since last year
i plan to drive down friday.. wheel friday night/saturday/sunday morning, drive home sunday afternoon

oh, i'll be driving this if anyone sees me

that thing is cool, love the grill and headlights

yeah that is a pretty ill ex if i say so myself, Ima try and make it out there this year

Not Going :thumbdwn:

I am still recovering from a nasty bout of pneumonia in both lungs. I was in the hospital for three days, missed three weeks of work and am still weak as a little school girl. Doctor says to expect a month or two for full recovery.

..Sorry to hear about the illness...I caught the bug the end of December and just lost the cough this week..

..One of our local weatherman caught the same thing you did about 3 months ago...It had him fighting for his life the whole time,,,Nothing to take to lightly..

..Oh yea, I'm definitely out as I will probably be working in San Diego starting this weekend..:hammer:

talked to one of the event holders earlier this week and was told they had over 700 people pre-registered and you can expect at least half that number on-site registions on site. So looks like it will be a huge event. Thay also will be holding a dedication cerimony for the new 4X4 training park on Friday. And yes I know I can't spell.

A couple pics of me dropping down the ledge. this was right before i rolled it and my GF got upset and stopped taking pictures. so no pics of the roll sorry guys (i think someone got it on video though)



Cam showing off his rig for the film crew... speaking of which, theres going to be a half hour segment about it on National Geographic at some point.. around October I think.

nicely done on the cliff dive, loved the spin move right turn about half way down.