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Tech Q on a 4.0 93


July 23, 2007
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93 XLT, 03, 2 wheel drive
I've already cured the intake manfold gasket problem which heavily contributed to a pininging issue. I also cleaned the MAF wire, which helped keep it from running lean, pinging and throwing a CEL.

It still has a tendency to ping a bit more easily than it did before any of these issues came up. It has new plugs, the wires are good, and I steamed cleaned the inside of the engine after making previous repairs, by letting it ingest water mist. It runs smooth and well with economy as good as I ever recorded in it's life. I saw 25 mpg on about 250 freeway miles recently at 60-65 mph, 4.0/3.73/auto/Michelin 235-75-15 ATX tires.

Is there anything else in the whole engine management scheme which can contribute to the issue? Will a bad knock sensor keep timing more advanced than it should be without throwin a code? Any ideas?