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Tell Me What Year, Tire Size and Amount of Lift

I am going to be making a tire fitment guide for the website and need for everyone who has a lift w/bigger tires or anyone who has a stock explorer with bigger tires to please tell me what setup you have. You can just tell me like this:

1. Year Explorer you have
2. Amount of lift and in what form, like 3" body and 4" suspension, please tell me all the lift you have.
3. Size tires you have , please give me all of the tire measuerments, like 33x12.50x15)
4. Also tell me if there is any rubbing and how much, like a lot or little.
Thanks for all of your help with this.

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1997 XLT 4Dr
Front: 2" Torsion Bar Twist
Rear: 2" OME-36 2" over stock springs
Tires: 31X10.5 R15 BFG A/T
comments: No rubbing at all after the TBT/spring lift.

Happy Wheelin'
Ray L.
97 XLT 4X4 4.0L SOHC
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Great Idea but I think you should add three more items to your list of wants: the type of wheel, its size and back spacing, and the brand of the tire. Reasons; the wheel size and backspacing have a huge influence on where the tire sits in the wheel well, and a nominal 31" tire from one mfr may not be the same actual height/width as a nominal 31" tire from another.

That said:
91 Navajo (2dr)
Rancho 2-1/2 " lift
Goodyear 31/10.50-15 tires
Stock 91 Navajo 15"x 7" rims - 4.5" B.S.
Front Rubs the rancho rad arms at full lock
Rear ok

Steve VB
91 Navajo
2 1/2" Rancho,
31" Goodyear AT/S

Here's my info FWIW.

93 Ranger, 3" body lift, 2 1/2" suspension lift, 33x12.5x15 BFG MT tires on 15x8 rims w/ 4" backspace, slightest amount of rub under extreme flex. Also, 37x12.5x15 Denman Coyotes on 15x8.5 rims w/3.75" backspace. For these I had to 'trim' 2-3" of back corner of front wheelwell. I get moderate rubbing during mid to moderate 4wheeling, and slight rubbing in front during onroad dips and bumps.

Bill Collins
93 Ranger XLT 4X4

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92 4dr 4x4
no lift
31x10.50x15 BFG AT
stock rims
no rubbing
92 4dr 4.0L 4x4
K&N, modified airbox
dynomax exhaust
31/10.50/15 on stock rims
Rancho 5000's
more to come

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99 Sport
3/4" rear lift, front adjusted to level it (maybe 1/2")
Stock 16" rims.
LT265/75-R16 tires (about 31.6 X 10.5)
No rubbing on the road, I'll let you know about rubbing under flex in a couple of weeks.
These tires BARELY fit. There's about 1/2" clearance when turning between the tire and the front bumper. Also, the back of the wheel well in front has very little clearance. I anticipate some rubbing off road.

99 Sport 4x4
Auburn Rear & Gerald's old Shackles
265/75-R16 BFG AT's that weren't supposed to fit

93 Mazda Navajo
5.5" superlift w/extended radius arms & superrunner steering
BFG AT/KO's 33x12.5
Rockcrawler rims, 15x8 w/3.75" bs

rubs on extended radius arms at full lock.
would also rub on the black trim on bottom of trim, but removed that.

Thomas Davis
93 Mazda Navajo/5.5" superlift, 33x12.5 BFG AT/KO
4.56 gears/lockright/auburn pro

1) '99 Eddie Bauer (lotsa fender trim plastic)
2)Approx. 1.5+" torsion / Warrior shackle lift + 1" body lift = 2.5+" total lift
3)285/75r16 BFG AT ko's
4)Slight rubbing while in reverse when tires are turned about 15 degrees from straight.

Note: to acheive this the front bumper has been moved forward and trimmed to clear the tires; also the front of the EB running board has also been trimmed to help clear the back of the front tires.

"Nerves of Steel; Brain of Chipmunk"
'99 Eddie Bauer 4x4 4.0L SOHC aka "The Jeepeater"
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1) 1997 Explorer Sport
2) 1.75" torsion bar, warrior shackles lift
3) 31"x10.5" (Got them the day I bought the truck, they fit alright, but when bottoming out, they'd rub a little on the top, less rubbing after lift)

Juan Felsmann
'97 Sport 4WD 5spd
Warrior Twist

1995 Explorer Expedition
Stock Fender Flares and Air Dam with Fog Lights. Running boards also.
Torsion upgrade "B" code, and twist. Approximately 1.5" for the street,-2" for off road.
Dunlop LT285/75R16 About 32.8" tall.
Some rubbing depending upon torsion lift. Very minor in front, and some rubbing at the top of the fenderwell under full compression with one tire stuffed and the other in the air.
Wheels are stock 16"x7" steel chrome rims.
Ps. I'll update when I finish the 2" body lift and install the new shocks next week.

95 Explorer Sport Expedition
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'93 XLT
No lift
31x10.50 Dunlop Mud Rovers
No rubbing at all, but haven't put it through the torture test yet. Will probably add a 2" body lift.
Stock 15x7 rims

Jon M

Jon McLeod
'93 XLT
K&N Drop-In
Modified Airbox
Kenwood Audio w/ 6-disc changer
31x10.50 Dunlop Mud Rovers
Rancho RS5000's

Next project: visit for more info!

98 eddie bauer two inch lift ,
265/75/r16, on stock 16x7's

no rubbing at all,
going for 285's soon and a three inch body lift.

Ryan Jones
98 eddie baurer 4x4
2 inch lift
32x11.50 buckshots
manik brush gaurd and go rhino tail light gaurds
hella black majik driving light
Surco 45x60 safari rack
jbl door speakers and kicker fifteen

92 explorer with two inches of lift
30x9.50 mud kings

I have a '93 XLT I put 31X10.50R15's on it stock then I went with about 7" of lift now and now I have 33x12.50R15's on it on 15x8" wheels. The tires used to rub a little on the rear edge of the fron fenders. I cut about 2" back and now they don't rub anymore. You can check out my spec sheet at the link below.

Happy Trails!
'93 XLT 4x4
Dead Link Removed

i have a '91 XLT with a 6" Superlift and a 2" body lift i am running 33x12.50x15 on 15x10 Gambler wheels. i used to have rubbing with the 4" i had and cut back on the fender about an 1.5". i experience no rubbing what so ever now with the 8" of lift

94 xlt
30x9.50x15 uniroyal AWT's on stock rims
no lift of any kind
no rubbing on road, the rear tires can be pushed against the wheel well, but i have to try


Truck: 1992 4WD 4 DR
Lift: 2.5" suspension, 2" body
Tires: LT315/70R15 (33s)
Rubbing: None, now that I did a major trimming on the fenders. They have been welded, bondo-ed, and repainted to give an almost stock look.


1992 Ford Explorer XLT
Interested in trucks..?
Me too. Check out my web page.

1. 1991 EB 4x4 OHV 4.0L
2. No Lift
3. 31x11.50x17 Micjey Thompson Baja Belted Radials
4.Cobra R rims 17x9 with +25mm offset
5. There was the slightest amount of rub toward the front of the fender well at half turn, which has since been trimmed off

However, I am having a lift kit put on next week, and I plan to run:

1. 1991 EB 4x4 OHV 4.0L
2. Superlift Superrunner 5.5" Lift
3. Interco TSL Thornbirds 33x12.50x15
4. Superior Ebony Monte Carlo's 15x8
5. There souldn't be any rub with merely 2 inches bigger tire and 5.5" of lift.

Randall Dorn
91 EB 4x4 OHV 4.0L
Borla Exhaust and headers
Cobra R's with MT Baja
Belted Radials 31x11.5x17

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91 XLT
no lift
31x10.50.15 BFGoodrich AT KOs (I just replaced the old ATs)
No rubbing on or off road with the ATs and no rubbing on road and none anticipated off road with the KOs
Although the wheels are not stock they are the stock size.

If everybody is different, how can anyone be normal?

91 Explorer XLT
4.0L OHV V6