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Tellico! April 2002

Glad you guys are all back in one piece! (wish I could say the same for your trucks)

So.........will there ever be an officially sanctioned explorer Tellico run?

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I got'a say "hats off" to Gerald! He had his X (locked front only) in places it no business being. He finesed that thing and made it do everything but talk! :D

He came out with very little body damage, as he stated, I was not as lucky:hammer: . I guess he was better in the driver's seat and maybe a little luckier.

Those who tried to attend, but in the end couldn't make it:frustrate and those who just could not make lost out. It was one of the best Tellico trips I have been on ( it was my 7th). Light traffic, beautiful weather, good people and GREAT WHEEL'N! I hope Gerald keeps his record going with another great write up!

great writeup! glad you guys had fun up there... when do we see some pics?

GJarrett and Bionc Marsh,

Hey Guys just thought I would stop in to see if either of you had your pics up yet.

Glad to here you both made it home ok.

It was a little bit bumpy and noisy for me on the way home, but we made it.

Sorry I could not ride with you guys on Sat.
Maybe next time.
I will try not to break anything next time.

Plus it was really great to meet you guys and put some faces to names and vehicles.
Hopefully we can all head back up to Tellico this summer.

Here is the pics I got on my digital from Friday:

Let me know when you guys get your pics up.

Ken C
'98 XJ

Ken, glad to see you drop by our website. I too am sorry we didn't get to run together. I'd like to keep in touch to meet for a possible future run in a couple of months. I might have your tires on mine by then :D And a set of custom rocksliders are definately on my wishlist now :eek:

Please forward my appreciation and best wishes to the CNC 4x4 club for a wonderful time!

Honestly, I got only three photos; I didn't think of bringing out the camera at all. Rick got a few that I hope he posts on this thread.

Rick, that was a REAR locker, not front, remember? The front wasn't doing me much good sitting on my living room floor :D I'm not sure there's more to post for a writeup other than what we already have, especially without many photos. Rest assured that I'll be interested in going again, especially if the CNC 4x4 plans to in the future. I had a blast.

Jason, I don't know if the ECX is interested in trying to do a Tellico run this summer or not. Out of all of the talk on this thread, only Rick and I showed up. We ended up having to spend way too much on a cabin that could have slept 4 or more because no one else showed up to help split the bill. I still think "Almost-Stockers" would have a good time there, but they would have to work hard and take their time and be willing to possibly take a bump or two. You know that great feeling a new wheeler gets when he/she learns that they can take their stocker a lot further on much harder trails than they thought they could? This place will take that great feeling up another notch or three. :)

If you guys decide to show up sometime I'll be happy to join you and lead you on the "easier" trails. Tellico is pretty and the fourwheeling is as good as it gets.

Gerald, which do you like better, Tellico or Moab?

It's comparing apples to oranges. Like asking me which I enjoy better, the mountains or the beach? I LOVE snow skiing and I LOVE the beach, but they are very different.

I'd have to say Moab though. NOTHING beats Moab that I've found yet. There are MANY more trails than at Tellico with greater variety and it is a much larger area.

Also for my vehicle the Moab redrock works better for my AT tires. There's more slick terrain at Tellico and I'd need Swampers to do better, but since mine is a daily driver, I won't buy Swampers.

You didn't ask but I also love the Colorado trails, but that is also comparing apples to oranges. Colorado scenery can't be beat but with one or two exceptions the trails are not as tough technically as can be found in Moab or Tellico. But pure simple obstacle traversing isn't the only reason I fourwheel; I'm in it for the whole experience. Colorado trails are awesome on their own just for the scenery.

:eek: Gerald being so busy making use of his driving skills that he forgets taking pictures :eek: Now that speaks for itself what trail difficulty is concerned!

Glad to hear you had fun! Anything stockerfriendly for crybabies like me around there?