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Tellico: Mother's Day 2003 May 10th-12th


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I am proposing an Explorer Tellico event for 2003. I would like some feedback to see if this is a "doable" event. I have tried this before but too many got scared away, so we will try again for this year.

There has already been discussion at

There has been much interest and much trepidation concerning participation in the trails at Tellico. Let's see what we can do with Explorers!

For those who have not researched this before, do a search on this site and learn about Tellico. It is no place for a 2wd. But it is possibly the premier location in the eastern U.S. to wheel.

I will volunteer to lead a group of near-stock 4wd Explorers for the time of their wheelin' lives on this weekend. We can take on trails 3, 4, 5, 8, and down 6. Tellico is no place for pussy-footing. You can get lots of trailpinstriping from the rhododendron and the trails can bite you at any time. Be willing to accept body damage or stay home. There's no guarantee of that and there's an excellent chance that you can make it unscathed, but be aware that it could happen.

There will be a capable group of other Explorers doing other extreme trails that weekend. Mostly Texans :D. We can have a blast and fellowship together in the evenings and swap stories over the campfires.

Thoughts? Is this something we could plan and get some participation in?

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I'm in Gerald. My truck should be ready to go and i'm excited!

count me in this one..
unless something huge comes up, i won't miss this one for anything!

I can try to make it for one day, I have to be home on mother's day:( However, I still need to ride with someone on the trails, unless I can score some stuff for the truck before then:rolleyes:

I would like to hang out with Michael and Randall again, since they don't get out this way much.

Jasonb, can I possibly ride with you on Sat?

Originally posted by Josh Adams
Jasonb, can I possibly ride with you on Sat?

yeah man!

Thanks Jason. You gonna have rock sliders on you Ex by then? Something to consider!

yep! we kept the metal shop here at work.. so i'm about to start them.
i'd like to be locked by then.. but i'm waiting for the electrac to come out so we'll see. if it doesn't look good.. i may just spring for a no-slip.

I wil try to make it, all depends on my build up.

Ken C

I'm in!

Glad to have you Rick! Looking forward to seeing you again.

hey josh

what up man?

i'm thinking about this tellico trip also.

is your brother coming?

are you guys going to camp outside or inside?

i'm looking forward to a few trails, but nothing too stupid.

that's a beautiful part of the state.


Thanks Josh,

Good to see you again as well. Hopfully we can get several together for this run. I haven't been off road in several months.

BTW, I blew through Nitro a couple of weeks ago. We went by my mom & dad's on the other end of the valley.


Yeah, blew through Nitro and didn't stop to see me!! haha just kidding.

Looks like we might have a good turn out for this trip.

Hey Peter, what's going on man? Yeah i think my brother wants to come. As for the camping i don't know where people camp out down there, i've never been, so i'll just have to play it by ear and tag along with everyone else.

Well it looks like I'm probally in, my folks are driving up that weekend from Memphis to look at some property so I figured I'd meet them there, have a place to stay, and get to take my pops wheeling (which will probally scare the hell out of him) I just picked up my regeared to 4.56 diffs from the shop and am about to start installing them, then Monday morning the 35s will be here. And I don't care about body damage, chicks dig it anyway.

You can count me in. This will be my first trip out with a bunch of people and I'm looking forward to it. I hope to have some mud tires by then (when graduation money comes in).


I'd be in, but unfortunately that's right in the middle of my final exams. Arghhh, I really want to get out to Tellico with you guys this year

I would love to go, but its too soon for me to know for %100 that I will be able to. Anyone have a locker they want to give me??:D

Michael, Kris and I should be able to make this. I ordered some new tires and I just have to to fix some front steering issues, and a front locker issue. Kris is all but ready. Michael has quite a few things to do first, but he plans on being ready.

Good deal.

I'm picking my truck up next week from Cory. I'll have to install my rear locker and then take it for a test run, well a couple of test runs:D But i'll be ready.

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Okay I am going to resv a spot at Crawford's Campground for Friday and Saturday night. It's a really cool campsite devoted to 4x4s and it is very close to Tellico. Who else feels like camping?

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