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Tellico N.C. - - Interested ??


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August 18, 1999
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Anyone on the East Coast / Mid-Atlantic states interested in doing a run in Tellico ? I haven't been there yet, but would be willing to do some Explorations here in North Carolina. . .

Tellico is located in the extreme Western part of the state, near the town of Murphy (N.C.) and not far from Georgia or Tennessee.

Tellico has been described as "the Moab of the East", not so much because of slickrock (it has none), but because of the abundance of trails. I'm sure most of you have seen articles in the various 4x4 magazines about Tellico - - looks pretty impressive!

I'm available anytime from the 22nd of June through the 4th of July weekend (but I understand its pretty crowded on holiday weekends). If anyone is interested, let me know. Doesn't have to be a big group - - I'd go out even if just one other Explorer/Navajo/Mountaineer/Ranger/whatever wanted to ride some trails.

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yes yes yes yes yes yes yes....actually...i was trying to semi organize a few people to run there..i know that myself and a former member of the board were interested in running it. he turned into a zuker, but we won't hold that against also working on Kampy to go to....

a word of warning however...tellico is pretty no longer worried about body damage anymore...but still...its supposed to get pretty funky....

where are you located paul? and would you be interested in running later in the summer such as august or late july instead? i think that is when we were trying for....

Riff -

I know Tellico is pretty tough - - in fact, I think most of the trails are not for stockers. I'm running 33's with lockers and a bit of trail damage won't ruin my day either. . .

I'm located in Fayetteville which is about 50 miles south of Raleigh (Eastern part of the state). It'll probably take 7-8 hours for me to get to Murphy, just because its so far West and so far out in the sticks. . .

Most weekends later in the summer would be okay, but was pushing for the dates listed because I'll be on vacation during that time. If you guys come later, I'll try and make it out then.


I believe I could swing late July, early August.. Let me know..

I could go anywhere past september, im busy till then, and wont have my 32's on. I would love to go next year for sure.

i would be happy to join in but it depends on the actual date
i have some time off from work after the 4th of july
keep me posted !!!1


I might be able to go in late July Early Aug, Im at the beach end June and end of Aug. I need to get my trans work done also but I would like to go if I can swing it so Ill keep an eye on the posts here.

Hey Paul do you have any pics of your 4" rancho conversion? I read the thread from way back when?? Im thinking of doing the same thing, or something similar. tips or suggestions? Thx

I'd be interested too depending on timing. Later in the summer might work better for me (already on vacation in NY July 28-Aug 5th)



Steve -

I'll get some photos up of my hybrid lift sometime this week.

Up front, I was able to keep the Rancho Extended Radius Arms, one of the frame support brackets, and re-used the two shocks (but should of got new, correctly sized ones). I used Superlift axle brackets and springs from the 4" lift kit.

The spring-over-axle in the rear was no drama - - dropped one leaf, and had new leaf brackets welded on the top of the axle tube. The shop I used also made rear shock mounts that were even with the height of the axle, instead of 2-3 inches below it. Axle wrap is a consideration, but I'm not too heavy on the throttle. If you like blasting through mud, sand, town, etc., you may want to consider keeping the rear springs under the axle (but at least relocate the rear shock mounts).

If you have any specific photos or angles that you want shot, just let me know. . .


i would be interested. i need to unstock my x first though. looking at puttin on a lift in the next months and a locker soon after. then i'll be ready!