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Tellico Online Rally is ON!!!!

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Ill be on there tonight

The rally isnt till May right?

Its may 7 as far as i can see

im gonna get on pirate and do a few posting to try and help out now as much as i can

Guess nobody cares if we have no place to wheel???

Come on guys we need to get the word out to all sites. Hiking, horse back riding, hunting, ATV etc. Once they close the land, NOBODY will be able to use it!

Hey man im right there with ya. Im ready to speak out when it gets started. I still want to visit tellico.

Subscribing for updates

Same here. Let's keep this alive.

if each member chipped in $1000 dollars i'm sure we'd have enough to buy it :) just a thought

oh wait that would only be like close to a million probably not enough's the thought that counts i guess...