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Temp Gauge Fluctuates!!


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January 4, 2008
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Gardnerville nevada
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96 Explorer
Have a 96 Explorer. The Temp gauge fluctuates... If the Temp Gauge had numbers 0 thru 10 and 5 being Half Way the gauge goes from 3 to 5 then back to 3 then back to 5 again... Is this Normal????? I just flushed the radiator and the heater core was plugged,,, Before unplugging the gauge would go from 2 to 8!!!! Now that the heater is working, it still fluctuates but not as much...

Ya might wanna check the water level in the radiator since I noticed you said you flushed it until it's full all the time then the gauge should stablize itself.

It could be the thermostat.