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Temp Gauge pegged - CEL is on


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January 17, 2001
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1999 XLT
While driving in town last night, I glanced at the instruments and noticed the temp needle pegged to the high position, then the CEL illuminated. I pulled over to peek under the hood. Expecting a blown hose or the like, I weas kinda shocked to find nothing amiss; the radiator was not overheated and appeared normal. I decided to continue driving and did so, the temp returned to normal and CEL went out. This lasted a few seconds, maybe a minute, then the needle pegged hot and the CEL flowed.

This morning I gave everything under the hood an inspection; all appeared normal.

I put the key in and turned the ignition on ( not cranked ) and the temp needle was pegged to hot and CEL illuminated.

Any ideas, offers of help or recommendations?


Sounds like a faulty temperature sender to me. If it's pegged on hot even after sitting all night, then it's got to be an electrical problem, not an engine problem. I've read a few times around here that the temp sender sometimes goes bad. I think it's located on top of the thermostat housing. Might wanna run a search for thermostat or temperature sender for the exact location and replacement instructions. I've read about people changing them at the same time they change their thermostats. Good Luck!