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June 27, 2005
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Souderton, PA
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1992 XLT
having problems with my temp gauge for a while now. The stock one went some time ago, (sometime after I badly overheated.) I had an aux one from auto meter that was installed when i bought it and it started reading high, around 200-10 a few months ago. I figured this was still in a safe range and expected a little rise during the summer. However, that gauge now read to its max, around 280 after driving about a mile from a cold start (ie: overnight). I know that there is no way this isnt right, ill stop after a few miles and the radiator is hardly hot to the touch. The coolant isnt boiling at all, not the slightest. I can even stick me finger in it (dont try this at home kids :eek: ) Any ideas why this is happening? Also, where is the stock sender location so i can replace it. On my stock gauge the needle just lays where it would if power was off, so I assume the sender is bad, but not the gauge itself.

It is located directly to the right of the thermostat, if you where looking at it from head on. You cant miss it =)

Its like a $5.00 part, screws in and out with a 1" wrench. Make sure to use some teflon tape on the threads.