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temperature gauge crazy


May 25, 2005
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Abbotsford Canada
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Explorer 1991 XLT
my temp gauge is going abit crazy. The gauge will when the engine is hot go from one end of normal to the other end of normal , the radiator is full and the exspantion is at the proper level . can anybody help me with the possibly cause.

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The temp gauge should fluctuate as the t-stat opens and closes.

It could be your sensor (on 4L ) located at the front rh side of the engine ..check for loose wire .

And consider that the gauge may be reading accurately, which should worry you. Change your tstat right now....if it's going bad, your engine is trying to overheat. My thermostats have worn out just like clockwork about every 60,000 miles or so.

As Gjarrett said, replace the t-stat. Make sure you also get the o-ring gasket which you may have to purchase separately.

Will the heater blow hot air? Air in the cooling system or a blocked heater core will do this also(wildly fluctuating temp gauge). I had it happen on my 93. Blew a chunk of crapola out of the the heater core when I back-flushed it with a garden hose and that fixed it immediately.

you have a bad tstat/crud in colant (will eventually cause a bad tstat). as everyone suggested, it would be a good idea to change the tstat and flush your coolant (Very cheap to do - should cost less than $40 total for parts)