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tensioner pulley - kaput


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July 1, 2014
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kc mo
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2002 mercury mountaineer
wife called me over the phone letting me hear the sound of the truck while it's idling, just told her to expect that sound since it's not a new truck (honestly I can't hear the sound properly over the phone) when I reach home and started the truck I instantly can hear a very loud knocking noise. luckily it wasn't the engine, the tensioner pulley was wobbling wildly causing a knocking noise.

just bought a new tensioner and idler pulley for $41 online in advance auto ($20 discount) and going to pick it up and install tomorrow.

i'm also concerned about my water pump, was wondering how many out there has their water pump intact at more than 146k? maybe it's time to replace too.

You might want to think about a new idler pulley as well. Cheap part, quick install.

Water pumps go until they start to leak out the weep hole. They can go forever. If I was doing the radiator, then I'd replace the water pump.

I just went ahead and replace all 3 idlers, I thought it has only 1 idler pulley and noticed that there's 2 on the driver's side. All 3 idlers sounds rough and still in ok condition. I could have saved a little by just replacing the tensioner pulley instead of the whole assembly but for $80 total I couldn't complain.