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terrible mileage/smell


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October 29, 2002
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Naperville, IL(home)/Iowa City, IA(school)
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92 Eddie Bauer
I just bought a 92 eddie bauer and everytime i drive it and i get out, theres a smell that smells like "burning electronics" is the best i can describe it when i get out. i am also gettin ~10MPG. what can be wrong? i am going to bring it for a tune-up but i usually like to figure these things out before i resort to letting someone else mess with my car. i know x's dont have the best gas mileage, but 10mpg is terrible, even for an suv, esp. when i have to put in $30 of gas every like 3 days. PLEASE HELP!

Sounds like plugged cat.s Could the smell be sulpur like?