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Terry Tate: Office Linebacker..FUNNIEST THING IN THE WORLD..


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June 16, 2001
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Va Beach, Virginia
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'94 XLT, 4wd, 4door
haaha.. download this.... one of the funniest superbowl commercial i saw....and the hits look REAL....

believe me ..this will make you laugh

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what a minute.. those sacks ARE REAL!! haah..what a wonderful world we live in....ahh the beauty...

That was a great commercial!

Since we're thinking SuperBowl... Anybody have any vids of the close up shots of Shania Twain's 'bounciness'? LOL :D

Superbowl? *cough* GO BUCS! *cough* sorry, allergies :)
I loved this one! :D

ahh...i have watched this atleast 7 times in a row now...ohh... delicious...

If you liked that commercial your gonna love these... www.terrytate.reebok.com , there are 3-5 min commercials there. Keep the site in your favorite places they have a new one just about every 10 days.

The hits are real...the people getting nailed were paid serious money to take the shots. Reebok said it was the only way to make it funny enough.

that was great..... hell i would have taken a hit for $20........ those rocked!

he is 6'6" 320..... i wouldnt wanna see a man that big let alone get tackled by one.

hell no..i wouldnt either...that would be beyond human comprehension of pain....