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testing abs sensor, pulsating brake pedal + buzzing sound


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December 24, 2008
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1st off i have a 96 explorer 4.0 auto 4wd.

im getting a pulsating brake pedal and a buzzing sound only at low speed, ie only when coming to a complete stop.

from the searching i have done, it sounds like a front abs sensor, giving a false reading, ie both are not reading the right speed and cause this to occur,, yes no???.

im not getting a abs light either.
also iirc you have to change the whole hub to get the sensor changed, you can not change it alone?

also i have been told that i would need to take it to a ford dealer or at a shop,, autozone can not test this.

if the above ideas are correct i would rather change only 1 hub and not both cause iirc there afre about 125 each.

well with that being said is there a way to test these things, maybe even i can rig something up to test them with the car running/coming to a stop?

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In my experience, the slow speed pulsing brake pedal points more toward a warped rotor.

You can get it tested places besides a dealership, but not everywhere has the ABS computers because they're so expensive, so you have to call and ask ahead of time.

Odd though, you should be getting an ABS light sooner or later. Used to happen after 3 complete stops when I had my problem. Look through your engine fuse box and find the ABS fuse and pull it. If the problem goes away, then you correctly diagnosed your problem. As far as I know though, there is no way to determine which one it is without the computer.

It is common for rust build up under the mounting surface of the ABS sensors. Just remove them and clean the rust off of the surface and re-install. Had the same problem and the cleaning corrected it.........


thanks i will try cleaning them off and see if that fixes it.

does anyone know what number (mines a 1996 4wd) the abs fuse is under the hood and interior?