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Testing the No-Slip


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September 6, 2005
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Pella, Iowa
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'00 Sport and '89 B2
Well, I installed a power trax No-Slip into the 8.8 yesterday afternoon after replacing the pinion seal. It is performing a lot better than I thought it would be. I really cant hear any clicking when it locks or unlocks except for the occasional one when it locks in if I accelerate heavy from a stopped. I took it out on the interstate, and no noticeable differences in driving, even if I got to WOT around a slight curve. I took a couple poser shots, there is no way the explorer could get up there before. I can;t wait to "test" it out some more in the next few days! Cliffs Oct 20th


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I've got the aussie locker in my 8.8..
lockers make a huge difference

Yeah what a difference it is when the vehicle just keeps climbing huh? :D

very nice..i need to start looking into an aussie locker.

Yeah what a difference it is when the vehicle just keeps climbing huh? :D

Ya, it climbed up to a point where one of the rear tires rubbed the inner fender well pretty decently, and it's never been close to touching it at all. You can see how it spun a little bit before getting all the way on top of the rock too.

the powertrax is a sultry lady.