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Texans Invade Tellico


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February 9, 1999
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Texas Invades Tellico

Thats right, Texas is coming to Tellico. Randall (Mudd*****), myself, and possibly Kris Guilbeaux will be making the 900 + mile trip to run Tellico in August. The dates will be Friday Aug 23 - Sunday Aug 25. So far it will be the three of us and Gerald Jarret. Others are welcome to come along as well, but keep in mind that we all run big tires, lockers, and don't mind body damage :p. We will be running the harder trails in the area. Gerald can point the way to the easier trails for those that wish to run them.

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Edit: I am coming, prepare the way! :D

I am pumped!

Hey I know I'm gotta get yelled at for being lazy/failing geography but how far is that from Denver?

I wanna go! After Moab I want to attend as many of these baby's as possible.......

According to Mapquest, it's 1377 miles, 23 hours 44 minutes from Denver.
It's about 16 hours from Houston.

Ouch!!!!!! Thats far....and plus you just proved how lazy I really am.....

1377 miles can be done in a lot less than 23 hours. I would put it at 18 - 19 hours. Our drive will be 1100 or so miles in 14-16 hours. Come on over there with us, it is just a long day.

I've been from the corner of south carolina to the west side of nebraska in 18, and back in 15. then we made it to denver in like 3 hours from north platte, neb

Anybody else want to join us out in Tellico?

(blatant bump attempt)

Want to? Yes

Drive that far? nope, not this time

I was plannin on going, but I have to register for classes on that saturday. next time i hope though.


Okay then Texans it shall be. Respond to this thread soon or be left out of our adventure. I'll reserve rooms dependant upon whether anyone else joins us in the next couple of days.

There are some trails that semi-stockers could go on, but more than one of you needs to join in order to take advantage of the buddy system :D

Are you guys gonna up there on sunday too?

I am trying to get my Explorer ready for this. I am hoping I can get it together in time. The only hold back be money or the truck. I have the Transmission out and the New tranny going in I just have to get both sets of Gears and both front and rear lockers.

Josh we'll be there Sunday too.

Okay if I rent a room to split and bring a mat for me to sleep on? If Kris can come then we'll get two rooms. Or if others join we'll get a cabin. I need to know soon.

I had to take care of other issues and may not have my rocksliders and 35s installed yet. If that remains true I'll lead early on the moderate trails for a warmup and may have to ride with Randall or Michael during the fun stuff.

How's that sound?


I am Not going to know till the last minute so dont count on me till I know for sure. I dont mind sleeping on the Floor :) It is just too much for me to say I can go and then not.

Sounds good Gerald, I don't mind switching around so that you are not on the floor the whole time. I just need a space to sleep and a shower. I'll have a seat if you want it.

What time do ya'll expect to get off the trails on Sat.? And what time is the sunday morning wake up call and departure for the trails?

Hey guys! I may be able to go all 3 days, seeing how I have no job now:( If I can get registered for school early. I will let Gerrald know asap.

Okay I'll call this weekend and get at least one room for resv for the confirmed three of us. If either Josh or Kris makes it we'll need another room so I'll check to make sure there's plenty of rooms left while I'm making the resv. I can arrive as early as 11:00am Friday morning.

Josh we'll probably try to get about an 8:30am start Sunday morning. Regarding when we will finish Saturday, Tellico is very fickle and unforgiving toward specific ETAs for runs. Once we start Saturday there is no way to know when we will be getting in at the end of the day. I am sure we'll run as long as we can and try to get back around 7pm or so and hit the steakhouse but there's no guarantees.

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Gerald, I doubt I am going to make it. The Green Explorer needs at least $1200.00 worth of gears and lockers to finsh the conversion and be able to wheel hard core stuff. So I doubt I can swing $1200.00 and enought money to make it tellico.