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Texas Armadillo's "Dillo Mobile"

It has been a long time coming, but I finally have everything I need for my thread. The main hang up I have had is that I needed to wash Dillo. I listed all the fun information below along with some pictures. Let me know what yall think. Any hints, tips, or advising would be deeply appreciated. Truth be told, I did not really get into customizing my Explorer until I stumbled across this forum. I would like to thank all of you for your informative posts that I have uncovered already, and for the future posts I have yet to see.

Basic Information:

Name: Mike
Location: Arlington, TX
Occupation: Operations Manager for Hanes Geo Components

Dillo's current specs:

Transmission: 5R55E (stock)
Tires: 235R1670 Goodyear Integrity
Wheels: Stock
Radio: Dual 50x4 watt XM satellite radio
Exterior: Grill Guard
Muffler: Magnaflo 14" single center
Everything else I did not list is stock.

What Dillo wants:

Roof rack: I have a plan in mind I just need a welder.
New Shocks: I was thinking Rancho 5000
Grill Guard lights: Open to suggestions, they just need to be black housings
Fog lights: Nice round fog lamps
4x4 conversion: little scared about this one. I have never attempted this before.
Shackles/TT: Warriors come out and play.
Trim: Paint it black
Sound System: New Pioneer speakers and head unit. I was thinking full screen.
Extended Sound: I want to add a sub.
Alternator: 200w alternator
Intake: bigger and better
Throttle body: modify to allow for greater air flow
Tires: BFG All Terrain 31"
Rims: Once again Paint it black
Emblem: Black

Let me know what yall think.








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Nice Ex. What kind of grill guard do you have on her? I went with the Rancho's on my 00 Sport and really liked them. Going to be putting them on my XLT when I get a chance.

Thanks, I'm not 100% sure what grill guard that is. Luckily, it came with the vehicle. If I had to guess I would say it is Westin's Sportsman Grill Guard.

Hey!! I saw that rig in person, hehe. Mike, she looks good, even washed :D

Ya this was before I headed down to Austin. You should here the Magnaflo I put on it yesterday. It added a deep rich sound to Dillo.

Weekend Work

I had some fun this weekend. I changed my transmission filter and added new fluid. Then today I replaced my steering wheel cover. I have the pictures below for yall to look at. I do have one question. Do yall think I should do a write up on installing a Wheel Skin steering wheel cover and also one for the transmission filter replacement? Or, has that already been done. I don't remember seeing anything about the Wheel Skin cover. I also could not find anything on a 2002 Sport, only the 2nd gen procedure. Any ways let me know what yall think.

BUT, first what does this connector do or maybe what is it for?










Steering Wheel



I took the old cover off in these next two pictures.









Looks good, good job on the recovering job. Could you get a clip of the magnaflow? Im still debating exhausts. Did you keep stocking piping and the resonator?

Nice work Mike!!!!
Man, do a write up of whatever you want to cover.:D

Kool, I'll do them tomorrow.

Looks good, good job on the recovering job. Could you get a clip of the magnaflow? Im still debating exhausts. Did you keep stocking piping and the resonator?

Shouldn't be a problem. I will just need to find a recording device that I can transfer to the computer.
As far as the setup. I was thinking about the Cat back system, however it was a $230 system. I don't have that kind of change right now. I simply cut out the stock muffler and inserted in the Magna Flow. Well, I paid $35 for the swap at a muffler shop. I don't have a house with a welder yet =-(

Writeups are always welcome, even if they've been done before, some people mention other things someone else might not of. :thumbsup:

Steering wheel does look great!
G'luck with your ride. :)

nice sport u got there i got an 01 sport

Thanks I try. Yall should see some more modifications in the coming months. The wife and myself will be moving to a house and out of our apartment. This should allow me to paint the trim black.

I was in Houston this weekend and like always nothing is ever easy for me. Before, I could make my way back to North Texas I had to put the spare tire on. This makes two flats in 5 months. I'm getting tired of fixing/replacing tires.

My next fix is replacing the stock shocks on Dillo. I'm just going to grab the Autozone special since I see me not having Dillo by the end of the year.

Dillo is no more. I went window shopping today and came back with a 2010 "Copper Top". I'll make a new registry on it when I get some pictures to show.