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August 11, 2008
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plano texas
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03' F-150 Super Crew
where you at. im in dallas. maybe we can start a meet or something?

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West of Waco, when the rig is ready I am looking for EF members to start wheeling with also, there are a few already, but kinda spread out, it is a big state.

well as much as id love to wheel with you. 2wd wont do me much good

Im in the austin area but i got a 2wd to :(

How do you join the Texas chapter

Im n dallas btw

Just east of Austin....but currently in Japan for another year...After that I'm looking to end up in Wichita Falls...


Im in Sherman and got 4X4 but never been wheeling guess cuz its my first vehicle with the option and nobody to run with up here

North Texas

Hey guys, rather than start a new Texas thread I thought I'd just resurrect this one.

Anybody wanna hang out in North Texas? I'm 4x4 and want to trail ride but I'm up for anything. I helped start a ranger club a while back that's still together we could all meet up and have a good time.

I'd like to go camping too, so let me know.


Howdy Seth. There are very few of us North Texan types up here. However, we do have a really good following a little to the South. Keep an eye out for our events We actually have a couple of things planned this year.
Take a look at Demon 4x4 as well. Website

I still don't have my trail rig built, but I generally can be found making sure the coolers are where they need to be =-)