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TEXplorers to Terlingua?


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March 29, 2000
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Wanted to see how many of you guys were interested in going to this wheeling event in March.

From the www.sportsintherough.com site:

Terlingua, Texas March 23-25

Longhorn Ranch - Big Bend Country

That’s right. We’re going back to the 1st Superlift 4xAdventure event location!

We’ve arranged for special permission to run the many trails on the Longhorn Ranch for this event. Some of the ‘ol timers’ will remember names like Stairway to Heaven, Pack Saddle, Red Rocks, 360, Terlingua Creek, Valley of the Gods, Hen Egg, Panther, etc. This is truly a special riding area with some of the most rugged terrain and unique scenery you can find anywhere in the country. Ever heard the expression “can’t get there from here”? Well, they must have been talking about Terlingua, TX! Down in the extreme southwest part of Texas, by Big Bend National Park and just a stone-throw across the Rio Grande to Mexico. Aside from Indian /Army clashes and the Spanish explorers, this area became known and was inhabited because of Quicksilver - mining for mercury. It’s a land of almost unlimited outdoor recreational opportunities, true ghost towns and interesting hard-fought history. Brewster County, where we’re headed to, is the largest county in Texas and also the least populated. This event puts the “A” in 4xAdventure. Want great four wheeling trails with ‘real’ western history in your face? Well, it’s time to saddle-up!

Event Cost

This special event is limited to 120 vehicles. Cost is $68 per adult, $35 6-12, 5 and under free and includes event vehicle decal, event dash plaque, Sat evening all-you-can-eat BBQ, 1 raffle ticket, all event activities and event insurance. Late registration after 10/8, if available, is $12 extra per person.

Trial Rides

Make plans now. Many rides from level 1 to level 5 will be offered each day. Easy, scenic, challenging and all the way to “you gotta be kidding”. Easy to hard - the Longhorn Ranch has trails you’ll love! Homer Van Zandt, from Las Cruces, will lead small select ride groups up Stairway to Heaven each day. Homer is the founder of this awesome level 5 trail and it’s not for the squeamish. A true Trophy Trail. Also, a special guided and ‘easy ride’ through Big Bend National Park will be offered.

Motels and Camping

The Longhorn Motel will be our event headquarters. Rooms are limited, so call early. Primitive camping is also available.

Longhorn Motel 915-371-2541

Wildhorse Station 915-371-2526

Big Bend Motor Inn 800-848-BEND (RVs with hook-ups also)

Chisos Mining Co (motel) 915-371-2254

Directions from Alpine, TX:

67 miles south on Hwy 118, motel is on the right

N 29* 29.02 - W 103* 32.00

Event Schedule

Thursday 3/22

Noon - 8pm: Check-in at Longhorn Ranch Motel

Friday 3/23

7am - 8pm: Check-in at Longhorn Ranch Motel

8:30 - 10am: Trail rides start

6-10pm: DJ music

7-8pm: Superlift Suspension ‘Tech Talk’

Saturday 3/24

7 - 11am: Check-in

8:30 - 10am: Trail rides start

5 - 7pm: All-you-can-eat BBQ

6pm: Superlift 4xAdventure raffle

6:30 - 10pm: Live band

Sunday 3/25

8:30 - 9am: Trail rides start

The Basic Guide To Trail Rides

The Basic Guide for
Sports in the Rough!
Trail Rides

All of our events are family oriented. Traveling off road in a safe and organized manner is always a fun experience for ‘kids’ from 82 to 2 years old. We offer trail rides for those new to the sport and also for those more experienced that want to test their driving skills and their vehicle. Our goal is to provide an excellent off road weekend for everyone whether it’s mild or high challenge. This is a family sport. Bring the kids!


Listed below are basic vehicle requirements and levels of trail difficulty. On the event application forms we ask you to mark the ride levels you’re interested in and will give us an idea as to what the demand is for the different levels of rides. We won’t actually assign you to a ride until you check-in for the event and we’ve discussed the different levels, your vehicle/experience and the type of rides you really want. Again, our goal is for you to have a great off road experience.

Vehicle Requirements

1) - Proper seat belts for driver and ALL passengers

2) - Vehicle is in safe condition

3) - Fire extinguisher

4) - First Aid kit

5) - Roll cage for open top vehicles

6) - Tire Jack

7) - NO alcoholic beverages in the vehicle when on a trail ride

CB radio is recommended so you can communicate with the trail leader and others in your group while on the trail rides.

Bring plenty of water and a snack or lunch for the rides. Most rides leave in the morning and return mid to late afternoon. Break downs and other unforeseen things could keep you on the trail longer than expected. Plan for this ahead of time.

Always listen to your trail leader.

Always keep the vehicle behind you insight when at a trail intersection. Make sure they know the right route to take. This is very important! Don’t forget that you’re all in the ride together.

If you have a problem, tell your trail leader.

If you don’t feel comfortable tackling an obstacle, tell your trail leader. They want to and will help you. Remember, we’re here to have fun.

Never, ever litter - not even a cigarette butt or part of a candy wrapper. All organized 4 wheelers are proud of their reputation and respect the land that they are allowed to ride on.


Trail Ratings

We use a trail rating system from 1 (easiest) to 5 (most difficult). Each area of the country has unique trails and conditions so it’s impossible to set one standard or rating for all. Always remember that rough weather can quickly change a trail rating. This only meant as a guide.

Level 1

Four wheel drive needed at times, usually scenic, no scratches or dings.

Level 2

4x4 needed often, fun ride for stock vehicles and those wanting more off road experience.

Level 3

Rear locker recommended, aggressive 32”+ tires required, very challenging.

Level 4

Rear locker required, aggressive 33”+ tires required, front locker recommended (sometimes required), winch recommended (sometimes required), very challenging trail for experienced drivers.

Level 5

Total disregard for the mechanical and cosmetic condition of your vehicle during the ride, 35”+ tires (38” for some), lockers F/R, winch, spare parts (spare vehicle recommended). Get the message?

Note: Always be honest about your vehicle and your driving experience when signing up for rides at event check-in. Remember that’s not just you going on that ride. We allow everyone to change their ride assignments after each day so you can always move up a level if it makes sense. We want all rides to run smoothly and you won’t be allowed on a ride you and your vehicle aren’t qualified to run. It saves a lot of heartache and makes for a better event for everyone.

Spare parts: If you’re running the tougher trails, what are your weak points and what spares should you have? Plan ahead. U-joints, hoses, belts, brake lines and fittings, engine & tranny fluids, duct tape, tire plugs, tire sealant, water, etc. Plan ahead!

Let’s have fun and play safe!

Registration Form

There is an article in the 4wheelparts magazine for June/ July 2001

Maybe this should be moved up into the Serious Explorations board, since it is close enough to New Mexico that wheelers from Arizona and New Mexico would have a shorter drive than I would from Houston. The event is limited to 150 vehicles, so the sooner registrations are made the better.

I hate having to register for stuff this far in advance! You never know if you can make it or not when it's that far ahead. Do you know the details on if you register now and can't go if they refund the money?

I think Rod went last year? Maybe he could comment on the experience.