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Texting / Drinking and Driving.


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September 14, 2010
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Lemoore CA
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91 Navajo X 2
To all,
Today started early at 0430 to get myself and my wife up to drive up to Fresno, 45min drive. We have had rain through the past week and it finally let up, but when we left the house i was greeted by a wall of dense fog.

I had to get my wife to Fresno for a scheduled surgery appointment and i could have canceled but i know i am a safe driver and i felt confident that the roads would be pretty much empty this early in the morning. So we drove, and it was uneventful.

My wife went into surgery and cried because she always gets scared, no matter how much i assure her she is going to be OK, she still treats it as though its the last time we will see eachother. So i was shown to the surgery waiting room where it was packed with a whole family.

I sat down and listened and gathered what had happened, somehow their kid wrecked his car into a ditch last night. Because it was so foggy no one even noticed the car, the kid broke his back and can barely move in his hospitol bed.
He was found by a woman who happened to go outside and heard him screaming for help.

I started thinking about how i make my children watch all the safety videos and anti drunk driving and anti texting N driving videos. All my children are old enough to drive and own their own vehicles.

Texting and driving kills More kids than drunk drivers nowadays. And its important to explain the dangers to our kids and to teach ourselves how to recognize this problem.

Here are a few videos. WARNING GRAPHIC
AT&T Texting and Driving Video
Australian Drinking and Driving Video
European Drunk Driving Video

---It Doesn't Matter If You Are The Safest Driver On The Road, All That Means Is Everybody Else Isn't....

I make my kids watch these videos and it gets through to them, that their actions can have grave consequences, that by texting your buddy about some bullshit can end your own life. Make it a point to set an example for your peers and children. And i have to believe it helps. I hope it helps some of you guys as well.

As parents we must teach our kids the difference between right and wrong.

Doing so makes them think before they act,

Which gives them the ability to learn the first rule to being an adult,

To always take responsibility for your actions.

I will add to this thread. This thread is for information and promoting awareness. More facts and info will be added.

P.S. my wife made it out of surgery OK, looks like she will make a full recovery.


Very well put Dano. I'm glad your wife is OK.