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tgrfly's '03 X Limited

Here is just a little start on a project log. Not a whole lot is going to happen with the truck.

This is my starting place.


First thing I did was I had to replace the driver's side tail light because it was cracked when I purchased the truck. Then after I got the new one I VHT'd them. Came out GREAT!



Next thing I did was attempted to paint my headlight housings black, and failed. So I ended up buying a new set of black housing headlights and also black housing clear corner lights. I also took the billet grille that was in the truck and pulled it out and painted it black. The black on the top and bottom of each billet strip was flaking off so I needed to do something with it to cover it up. Very happy with the way everything turned out.


I also ordered HIDs from DDM Tuning. I ordered 55w 8000K lights for my headlights and 35w 6000K for my fog lights. I also ordered a set of Switchback LEDs for my corner lights. Love the way everything looks lit up. I have yet to get a picture of everything, so once I do I will post it up.

I also got my HU from my car and designed a 4th order box for my 2 SA8s and my AQ1200-D.

*Note: Clear section is not clear. Done to show internal build*




I need to get some better pictures of the box. Fits perfect and sounds great. The box is also mostly carpeted now. I need to buy a sheet of coverboard to finish the front side of the box where the amp is.

Also planning on purchasing new 20"s ASAP with my tax returns and the money I am saving up from my new job.

Planning on purchasing these:

And I'm stuck on the tires. Really leaning towards the Toyo Proxes STII, but also looking at the Falken Ziex S/TZ04. My grandparents have the Toyos on their Mariner and they said they are a great tire and are really quiet. Tire size will be 275/45/20.

Project for way down the road for any audio people is upgrading my current setup to 2 12" DC Audio M2 Lvl 4s and either a American Bass 200.1 or a DC Audio 3.5K. Not sure on a box yet. Thinking about a bandpass, but also thinking about a standard slot port box.

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Well recones came in today. Got the subs reconed. Gotta let them sit overnight and then glue the cap on and then solder the leads on and they will be good to go.




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Well I know its been a while, but I finally got my ass in gear and started working on something that I've been wanting to do for a while now.

Since my truck is a Limited it came with the stock sub and amp hidden in the rear passenger side quarter panel. On the trim piece the is a section that is heat welded in that today I finally took out. The plan is to take the section that WAS heat welded into the trim panel, make a fiberglass cover using the original as a mold, and then cut a window into the fiberglass copy I made and put a piece of plexiglass in that cut out area.

Once that is all taken care of I plan on moving my amp for my subs into the area where the stock stealth box used to be. I'll take a piece of probably 1/2" birch and mount it to the wall to hide any wires that run through the quarter panel area, paint it black and then mount my amp to that piece of wood. Then if all goes well I'll also stick a couple blue LEDs to light the amp up.

Panel is painted and installed. I'm not completely satisfied with it, but it does look good. Need to make a beauty panel to cover all the wiring and then I will be happy. I will get a picture posted tomorrow.

Sorry guys I've been slackin. Still need to post up a picture of the panel I made. I also got my front windows tinted with 20% and got a 5% brow done on the truck. Also ordered billet grilles for the lower valance opening and fog lights and then also ordered a Flowmaster 40 Series Delta Flow muffler and two dual out C6 Flowmaster tips. Gonna cut the stock muffler off and replace it with the Flowmaster 40 and bring an outlet out behind each wheel with the C6 tips. I will be sure to update when I get everything done.

Ok small update...

Once again I still have no picture of the side panel because now I am working on it again, making some changes and trying to make it fit more flush into the panel. I do however have a new box design for the new 15" DC Audio Lvl 3 that I'm going to be putting into my truck.



My buddy still hasn't finished the top baffle design yet. Sub will be firing up and port to the hatch. The sub is a D2 so I will be wiring down to .5ohm so I'll be pushing 12-1400w. Also the port will not be painted blue. We will be painting it white and placing an LED or two in it to light it up. Hoping to have everything done by the weekend. My buddy is also picking my 15 up today so hopefully I have a few pictures to post up soon.

I also have a picture of the tip that I chose to run with my exhaust.


I had a minor set back. The plan was to run a pipe out each side behind the wheels, BUT the way the rearend is designed it can't be done without losing the spare tire and I didn't want duals that bad SO I had to send one of my tips back that I ordered and send the muffler back for a single in, single out muffler and now I am waiting on those to come back.

One more lower billet grilles for my lower valance and the fog light openings will be here tomorrow so once I get those put in I will be sure to post up a picture. I'm sure you are all saying sure you will, I promise I will. I gotta stay on top of my game.


Little update...

Got the billet grilles in Wednesday and they took ENTIRELY way too long to put in. The fog light overlays looked like they were gonna be a ***** to put in, but the damn center grille took me FOREVER to get in and right.


Thought about emailing/ calling the company that makes them and telling them there is a better way to install them. Just takes them moving their screw holes in to the center. Either way though they look great!

Also here is my new baby thats going into the truck. 15" DC Audio Lvl 3 w/ Lvl 4 coil.



And my buddy got started on the box yesterday. It's half way finished so hopefully I can get it in and playing this weekend.


Top is a double baffle design and the sub will be flush mounted in. Will look great once everything is wrapped in carpet.

Finally got the exhaust done!




Sounds soooo good! You happy with it?

Part of me wishes it was a bit louder, but then again it maybe annoying if it was
Its just loud enough to catch peoples attention.

Just a few updated pictures of my truck...





Love the look of your truck, there's just something about silver and black that looks so great.

Will be two toned come Spring next year. Black top, silver bottom. Maybe some blue thrown in.

Ok so its tax time and its time for me to start thinking about repainting the truck. Pretty well already got it figured out too. My buddy who did the work on my old car is gonna do the work on my truck. Here's what I'm wanting to do or at least similar to.


Will be doing a black top and stock silver bottom, but everything will be repainted. Planning on doing the break on the hatch to to keep the idea going through the truck. But I'm also planning on incorporating parts of this truck:


What I would like to do is, where the small silver section is on the F-150, take the idea of the airbrushed "metal" trim on the GMC and put it around the silver section and also do the airbrushed breaks in that small silver section like they did in the GMC.

Now as for the stripe that mimics the break on the F-150, i'm not sure about it. I like the idea of it, but I'm not sure if I would do it a darker silver to match the small silver section, but either way it will be pinstriped with blue. The entire truck has blue accents so bringing just a little blue into the paint job will tie the entire truck together.

You guys picking up what I'm laying down?

Ok well it's only been since January since I updated this thing so I will try and get everyone back up to speed...for those that were following.

I did end up getting the truck painted. Similar to the Ford that I had posted before. Very happy with the way it turned out. I've had some hiccups here and there with it, but they are getting taken care of. Here is the best picture that I have of it at the moment. This was before it was cut and buffed.


(Wow I just took a look back and really realized how far I was behind.)

At the end of January I came into a set of DC Audio Lvl4 12s fully built for a damn good price so those replaced the DC Audio Lvl3 15 that I had in the truck. Those are still running of the Audioque 1200D, but hopefully that will change soon enough.


Also finally got the beauty panel that I have been working on for about a year now off and on finished.


Most recent project that I got finished was my custom center console. I mainly use my iPod in my truck everyday and I got tired of seeing the wire from the glove box to the center console so I decided to fiberglass a tray for my iPod to sit in and then make my own cargo compartment beside it because all that cargo area wasn't needed. This is one of those things I impressed myself with. It as a bit of a process due to the fact that I started it one way then decided it wasn't going to work and then started over from scratch. After I started over it just flew by.

Here's the photo journey:











Project I'm currently working on is a set of A Pillars. Triple gauge on the drivers side and a single gauge on the passenger side. You're probably thinking, "What the hell does he need a gauge for on the passenger side?". Well I just bought a new set of Crescendo Audio CZ component 6.5s for my front doors and they come with the separate tweeter.


In the drivers side pillar I will have the tweeter mounted at the bottom and then I will be purchasing ProSport EVO digital gauges for the other openings, voltmeter and oil pressure to be exact. Then I will mount the passenger side tweeter in the other pod. Drivers side pillar is done, just awaiting a wet sand and paint. Planning on getting started on the passenger side in the next few days.





I think I hit everything. I'll go over the audio plans later.

Wow!!! Truck has come ALONG ways!!! Love the paint and the center console looks AWESOME!!! You need to give that thing a small drop to finish the exterior...

Keep it up and I'm looking forward to more pictures!

x2!! What paint did u use for the interior? U have some mad glass skills. That would be a neat market to make/sell, custom interior panels!

Wow!!! Truck has come ALONG ways!!! Love the paint and the center console looks AWESOME!!! You need to give that thing a small drop to finish the exterior...

Keep it up and I'm looking forward to more pictures!

I was thinking about dropping it next spring but I'm also thinking about doing 22s too. There are so many wants, I just have to figure out which is more important.

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x2!! What paint did u use for the interior? U have some mad glass skills. That would be a neat market to make/sell, custom interior panels!

The paint is standard automotive paint. Same guy that painted the truck sprayed my interior for me. The pillars will be getting sprayed the same blue as the console.