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That sad day has come

what were you doing around 10am central time today? evil eddie was driving away with its new owner. i put a add up on monday, then bumped the add up on wednesday. haft hour after that i had a phone call from a gentleman from thunderbay, ontario wanting to buy it. i never really pay attention to these calls because of scammers, however he told me he will BANK wire me a deposit, and fly here the next day (today) and pay in full with cash. so this morning i picked him up at the airport, did all the paperwork he needed, and he drove off in his new used eddie bauer explorer. he plans on using it to pull his travel trailer. this isnt the fastest i have sold a truck (fastest was not even 24 hours after the add went up) but the second fastest i have sold one.
so hopefully nobody's going to hate me for selling a forum truck to someone thats no on here. in the next few weeks if i find motivation, i will put the old 302 on a stand and see how bad the crank and bearing are in.
i'm not hopeful either..

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And then a 347 stroker crank kit will go in for a spare engine for EVIL.

In my opinion Tim, the new owner will probably end up here in time.

either way, this was a very good save. Awesome work. This was very green. Keeping existing vehicles on the road is way better for the environment than the demand for a new one. Applause!

Keeping existing vehicles on the road is way better for the environment than the demand for a new one. Applause!

Ain't this the Truth!

I re-opened some old wounds the other day when I ended up on a few "This is how stupid 'Cash-for-Clunkers' really was" sites.

Explorers were on the top of the list, as we know. All those nice rigs and parts wasted..

You guys wanna see something that will make ya sick?

I thought so..




2000 Ford Explorer

2000 AWD 141,000 miles "very clean" for $2000!


Posted 9 hours ago. I'll bet anyone anything it will be sold in less than 24 hours from now..

As you may know, the burgundy ones are pretty rare and if I didn't stretch myself so thin (again) I would be on this one for a keeper. Maybe one of ya'll reading this can snag it in time. In St Louis.

OH MY GOODNESS! That would be a beautiful one to have. Wish I could snag that one up.

Due two a unfortunate circumstance I am opening the motor up right now that came out of the Eddie. Dono needs a core block, so I offered up the 302 from brads truck because it’s sitting in the corner of my shed being used to pile things on.
I will have a few more pics when I get it apart, but here is the worst so far, and I have only taken 4 pistons out not counting the heads.
She had a bad knock to it, and this explains why. This is the upper and lower shells from number 6 cylinder.


Yes, rod shells. That small chunk near my finger is what’s left of the top shell.
I’m just taking a small break right now because with the humidity is 45°C or around 115 Fahrenheit if I am not wrong. It feels even hotter when you’re fat!

She’s now blown apart, and just as I had thought, most shells are down to the bass, and the crank is from the 70’s because it’s pretty groovy.
This is the part of the crank the thrust bearing goes into


And the thrust bearing




Surprisingly not as bad as I thought it would be. On all the mean shells one side would be grooved down to the brass and the other side would still have babbitt on it, but scratch up very bad. Two rod bearing were almost worn away, one my have spun. The cylinders on the other hand don’t look too bad which is a relief


So this is now what is left of the original motor from Celly’s truck. It will be dropped off to the machinist that will be building Dono’s motor and will hopefully cleanup with no problems and will be turned into a 347 stroker.
So at least it’s a heart will live on in another forum memebers truck, just as a good portion of the other parts that have been taken off and are with their new owners.
I have never heard from the guy that bought the Eddie, so I am having to guess it’s giving him no problems to date, and is happy with it.
Thank you again brad for selling me your truck, it did give me a fight a few times working on it, but in the end, everything worked out. That and I also got to drive it, and hear evils original v8 roar to life on last time