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The 1994 Explorer 4.0L EEC-IV computer connector


July 13, 2014
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Roseburg, Or
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1994 Ford Explorer XLT
I'm in the process of building a breakout box and I need the foot print for the connector on the computer. I have the capabilities of creating my own PCB, but I need the foot print and I have no clue of the manufacturer so I get the data sheet. Does anyone have any idea?

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Maybe I can ask it this way. Does anyone know who makes and/or the part number of the 60 pin connector on the computer of this 94 explorer?

Have you looked at Megasquirt adaptors?

The connectors I have, and it is cheaper for me to make my own PCB then buy from Megasquirt. What I need is the spacing for the pins, and the way to get that accurately, is the data sheet from the manufacturer. Hence my question about who makes them.

I think the brand is Rotunda. As far as who manufactured them, I have no idea. Mine is OTC. I took some pics maybe there is something in them that can help you?



Here is better part# pic.