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The 86 Bronco finally died at 415,000 miles!


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September 23, 2001
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Grand Bay, AL
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99 Explorer XLT 5.0L 2WD
My father-in-law's 86 Bronco finally died after 415,000 miles. He was driving when it started knocking real bad and he said it would die if you let off the gas. He drove it home and checked the compression on the cylinders. Cylinder #3 had 0 psi! He got his money out of it. He never had any problems but lately its been leaking oil and tranny fluid. He is going to get a stock crate motor like my Explorer with the GT40-P heads. I'm trying to talk him into letting us rebuild the old motor and put it in his 65 Mustang. If he won't do that then we are going to build a 347 stroker for my 94 Mustang.