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The 93 Navajo project begins!

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This is the place for info If you want a Tonka Toy . Welcome to the site ! .

Well I became a full member tonight. After going through the Navajo looks like I have some projects to do. I pulled this thing out of a shed, hasn't been run in 8 years according to the PO. They said it started making a loud noise in the front end when they parked it. I found the problem. Radius arm bracket is done for. This truck runs like a top. Did a tune up, and changes all the fluids. slowly cleaning up years of dust. and looks like the suspention is going to be the worst part. I want to do a complete rebuild of the front end. I also want to lift it a couple of inches. Looks like its gonna be fun!! Thanks for the welcome to the site guys!!


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Now Is a Good Time to look at James Duff products , They have a Wide Variety of Options for the First Gen Platform ! , I Wish I would have saved up for that Instead of My Setup Haha ! .

Cleaning the Navajo up a little. Interior, and body in pretty good shape. Engine will need a good washing. Will be looking for a nice headliner, and a push bar for the front end. would like to find a bug shield, and a visor for the roof. and a hitch receiver for the back as well.


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Went shopping. Came home with a set of 15x8 rims. one has a 31x10.5/15 mounted to it. I like the size of the tire. looks like a mild lift will be in order!


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Looking good, nice to see another Navajo. I wish i could find another Navajo that was sitting in a shed for almost a decade. i am jealous.

Wow Nice Clean Navajo ! , Never Seen That Interior color Before on one , Its normally the grey black and blue stripe on the seats . Great Find !