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the aszman's summer project

i've been meaning to start this registry for the last couple of months but you know how that goes :rolleyes:

so finally since it's a rainy cold sunday here i've got some spare time to get it started.i found this site when i was trying to find some idea's on what to do with a 94 xlt i had sitting in the driveway.after a little looking around the plan was to chop the top and stuff some 35's under it.i picked up some used lift parts over on TRS and started to tear the front end soon as i had the front end apart and ready to start putting the ttb brackets on i ran across an ad in the classifieds on this forum and within the next couple of weeks my project changed from a lift and chop top to rebuilding an old wheeler.most of you that have been on the site for a while will prob recognize the truck and maybe even went wheeling with's a few pics of her right after we rolled it off the trailer in the driveway.



over the past couple of months with the help of this site i've finally got her back on/off the still needs some work but is roaming the streets and trails again :burnout:

i'll update the registry as often as i can with updates and pics.i'll also be using this registry to keep track of the "things done" and "things to do" lists.a few more pics for now then i'll get on with the "lists".

first drive out of the neighborhood


first trail ride to test the 4X4





it felt good to get out and do some wheeling for the first time in a long time , i even got to add my first trail rash to her trying to turn around on a tight path.


i'll try to update the registry in the next day or two with what's been done to her so far to get her back on the road and what's still planned to do.thanks for all the info explorerforum , you've helped get an old explorer back on the trails :salute:

we got our first snow , more of a dusting , here in a few pics





...Congrats on the new project...:biggthump

...It's great to see Doug's rig stayed in the family here...:D

congrads on new project

updated a few pics in the 1st post :navajo:

thanks tbars and sam :chug:

some specs on the truck for those that don't know it:

97 sport 4.0 ohv
m5od trans
atlas 2 with 5:1 low ratio
4.10 gears
powertrax loc-rite locker in the rear
powertrax no slip locker in the front
flowmaster muffler/k&n intake
herculined interior and rockers
rock sliders
3" body lift
TT up front
4 dr spring pack's with 2 aal's per side
35x12.50x15 pro comp mud terrain's

what i've done so far:

replaced alternator
replaced battery
replaced starter solenoid
replaced starter
turned flywheel
installed new clutch,pressure plate,pilot bearing(luk)
installed new clutch slave cylinder with throwout bearing(luk)
installed new clutch master cylinder
drill broken studs from exhaust manifolds/install exhaust
new tail pipe
installed new front wheel bearings/hubs
replaced power steering pump
replaced rack and pinion(new inner and outer tie rods)
new brake master cylinder
new brake pads
replaced abs pump
replaced rear lower shock mounts
replaced driver door handle and repaired window track
repaired passenger window
replaced side view mirrors
replaced windshield
replaced relay box #2
replaced blower motor resistor
replaced belt tensioner and belt
new plugs and wires
replaced iac
replaced heater control valve

what still needs to be done:

needs rear shocks
build snorkel
build limb savers