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The build restarts - Skyforger II


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September 18, 2006
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Bellevue, PA
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97 XLT "Skyforger"
So, a lot can change in a person's life, in a short period of time.

My girlfriend and I welcomed a new baby last March. We got tired of the crappy conditions of our apartment in the city, the rampant crime, and I was long-tired of the political BS at my fire department.

So we moved to the country, in another county, far away.

So what happened to Skyforger? As I put out there in the build thread for that truck, it fell out from under me. The frame, floor, and body rot was advancing quick, with no way to stop it. I stripped all the equipment out of it, and sold the truck for $700.


When I knew it was time to abandon that ship, I started scouring the internet for it's replacement. A perfect-condition 1998 Mountaineer was found for less than $2000, only a couple miles away. The previous owner took meticulous care of it, and it had but 100K miles on the clock. Time to buy right this second.


The new build will see changes. Changes that reflect the changes in my own life. I no longer am with a fire department. My focus has shifted more towards Emergency Management and Storm Spotting. I take things slower and easier now, but the build will still be awesome.

Tunes are of the primary, utmost importance. The first thing to go in was a new Dual Mechless AM/FM/USB/SD had unit.


The console was transplanted almost as-is from the Explorer, after the fast removal of the high-series console (first day of ownership). This was it's original configuration. The only new addition in this photo was a Code 3 Mastercom B sire & light controller. This was when I was still with the fire department.


I coated the wheels with white rubber protectant, removed the red LED lights from the safari basket, and transplanted the safari basket over to the new truck.



I added a Code 3 420 Beacon mini-lightbar into the mix, with amber and green filters.


The rear of the basket was augmented with a pair of Industrial Tech amber LED warning lights, run from a Sho-Me LED flasher.


Tinted the fog lights amber, and added a Hunter Truck Accessories pushbar with brush guards, and a pair of LED driving lights.


This picture came out bad for some reason, but this is the console as of this afternoon. The Mastercom is still there, but the siren tones are disabled. The radio count has been cut to a Radio Shack PRO2096 digital trunked scanner, a Kenwood TK8180 UHF radio for county comms (I still work EMS) and 70cm ham radio, and a Motorola CM300 VHF radio for 2-meter ham. The phone cradle contains a deactivated ruggedized Kyocera Torque E670, which is usually patched to a Motorola PR400 VHF for APRS tracking and messaging. Next to it is a Toshiba Satellite Mini laptop/tablet for radar/weather data while spotting, and mobile internet on a flex-neck mount.


The build continues. Ladies and gentlemen, Skyforger II.

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Truck looks great man!

I feel sorry for your alternator :D

Compared to the rest of the goodies I expected to see some high end head unit for the stereo in there though.

The alternator is OK, there's not a lot of added wattage (that, and I don't run everything all at one time). The battery is trying to go, but I'm waiting until second:last to replace it.

The head unit works OK for what I need it for. I'll be 35 this year, and the ears aren't what they used to be. No need for the booming bass.

New updates are coming, and will include a cargo barrier between the cargo area and passenger cabin, possibly some radio updates, and definitely updated warning lighting. I'm going with a pair of amber/green TIR3 LED surface mounts on the tailgate with self-contained flasher units, and an LED lightbar, but those are far in the future.

Currently, the gear involved that hasn't been featured is an EMT bag, various emergency gear and manuals that live in a milk crate in the back, assorted rain coats and high-viz jackets, and a GlobalStar satphone.

I picked up the 7" mini LED's on ebay for $37, and they have an amazing output.

I picked up the 7" mini LED's on ebay for $37, and they have an amazing output.

Awesome, you wouldn't happen to have a link still would you?

Also, would you say that they are too bright to be used for regular night driving for on-coming vehicles? I would be installing them in the factory fog light mounting points, so I'm not sure if being that low would help with not blinding other drivers.


They are insanely bright, but like with all fog lights, it's all in the aiming. Just make sure they are aimed properly, and you should have no issues.