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The Cage (My '92 Ex 4x4 project)

Hello My name is Gilbert (Gil) and I live in Orlando, Fl. I'm a biker, the fun friendly type not the crazy (some of my friends would disagree on this) and too scary looking to talk to type. I'm an electronics technician and computer nerd. I've worked on enough cars and bike to know that give me good directions and tools and I can take anything apart and usually put it back together so it works. Well enough about me and now to what everyone is more concerned about my Ex.
A little over a year ago a friend of mine was having tranny problems with her 92 Explorer 4x4. She didn't have the money to fix it and was just going to sell it to one of those "We buy junk cars" places. I told her that she would only get $250 or so for it and she said "It's more than what I have now". My bike is my sole source of transportation so I paid her $250 for it for a project. And when I'm done I'll have a new toy to play with, and having a cage (biker term for a car/truck) will come in handy at times. The body is in great shape except for a dent next to the drivers side headlight. It is going to need a paint job. No rust or bare metal just faded and the clear coat is gone in some places. The drivers side window is stuck down, there is a control module or something jammed between it and the frame, I just haven't spent that much time to get it out yet. And just so I don't get a :ttiwwp: here is a picture of her.

You can see my Harley next to the :exp:.

Now for the plans for her. My New Years resolution was to get her on the road:
First is to rebuild the tranny thanks to :notworthy: Glacier and his I bought a used one last year but it didn't work either (I was in a hurry to try to get it running so my girlfriend could use it for a couple months, so I took a chance). So I'm going to do a "good enough" rebuild on this original (I think) and then probably do a Brain's on the used one I bought. I've never working on an automatic transmission before so I figure I'll start with the basics first before getting into the advanced stuff like doing the mods.
Next I'm going to work on any 4wd problems. My friend didn't use it so I'm not sure what works or doesn't.
Then I'll start working on some of the off road things so I can go where my Harley just won't.

Any ideas, thoughts and suggestions are welcome.