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The Circle of Life Goes On, LOL

Explorer Hunter

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June 15, 2023
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Las Vegas
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2016 F-150 Platinum 4x4
Hello everyone,

So, as my boats got bigger, my vehicles got bigger.

Two Explorers, (remember Eddie Bauer?), 2 Expeditions and 2 F-150's lead me back to a new Explorer, since I sold my last 26' boat. A 5,000# towing capacity is all I need now.

I started my hunt locally, looking for a 2023 King Ranch. None available at the 4 dealers here in Lost Wages, NV, and none coming in. Am I allowed to ask WTF on this Forum? LOL. My closest Ford salesman did a Ford inventory check for me, no King Ranch within a 500 mile radius.????

And that is why I am an Explorer Hunter.

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Welcome to this forum!

No trucks anywhere these days, everyone is keeping their old junk much longer because new stuff is scarce and priced as high as houses.

Good luck! Twice a year I tow a 29’ formula performance cruiser to the marina (and back) for my dad that boat weighs 17000#… I use my 97 f350 4 door 7.3 5 speed…. I miss my old 20’ bayliner I used to tow that with my bronco ii!

Good luck! She’s out there somewhere

Yeah, I like to change things up, and with 30k miles on my 2016, I can wait. I want to sit in that KR before ordering.

In 2016 I had to go to San Francisco to see a F150 Platty with a Brunello leather interior. Luckily, I was up there anyway, for a cruise, but that is what I ended up ordering.