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The Eternal Power Steering Leak


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July 31, 1999
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Idaho Falls, Idaho
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'99 5.0
I have been leaking power steering fluid forever. I have replaced every hose going in and out of the pump and it still leaks. If someone has any advice for fixing that it would be great, but at this point I am actually more interested in ideas for upgrading the steering system since I would like to get bigger tires anyway.


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Does Yours have the Rack -n- Pinon?? If so, Check that out.. They do Leak..

if it's none of the hoses that are leaking then it's either the pump or the steering box. If the motor is really greasy, clean it up good and see if you can figure out where it's leaking from.. And they're aren't really any upgrades for the PS system. The stock PS isn't that bad, it can handle 35 inch tires.

Correct, and there is also a Dye U can use with a Black Light... It may be able to help U..

I have cleaned it a few times, but it is difficult to tell where it is coming from. Kevin, do you know the name of the dye? I'll try going to the local part supplier they might know what I'm talking about.

I'm Sorry I do Not Remember... Go to Auto Zone and Ask them.. It Works with a Black Light Bulb, OK.. I used it when I was working as a Mechanic and the Shop Owner Had it for Us to use.. Good Luck!

I've got a 1994 XL 2wd. mine was leaking, and on my steering box, the seal on the bottom that goes to the pitman shaft was leaking bad. I couldn't do it myself even though I had the kit. So I went to a shop, and they charged me 1 hour to do it; not bad. Hasn't leaked since. Just an idea. :)


Ok, believe it or not, I'm still leaking. The Explorer was out of commision for a while with a blown transmission. Now that is taken care of with a 700R4, but now that I'm driving it again, I need to get this power steering thing fixed. I think I know where it is coming from, but not sure how easy it will be to fix. I think it is coming from the filler tube seal to the pump. Is that something that I can pop off, put in a new seal and be on my merry way, or is it new pump time? I would like to keep the pump, seeing as it works fine, I just don't want to keep addind fluid and leaving spots on the ground.