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The first car


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October 2, 2016
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Whiting, Indiana
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Whiting, Indiana
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2010 Sport Trac XLT
Well....My first ever a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Black. Used to be a friend's who literally lives the street behind me and he named it and it is still named the Batmobile. As you can see a ton of work is gonna be done to is once I finish off the 930 I owe on it as I see a ton of potential in this truck. The main issues are rust and the leaf springs, both of which I am trying to fix before winter hits. I also need to replace the valve cover gaskets as I am leaking oil. Once I finish it paying it off, have the rust fixed, and valve cover gaskets replaced that is where the real fun of modding it for mudding and off roading begins. I am talkin a lift kit, brush bars with KC Daylighters( I have halogen rotators on the roof since I love old skool stuff and hate LEDs with a passion), mud tires, and a snorkel(which I have yet to find online and was hoping you guys could help out with that part). I kinda want to get a Code 3 MX7000 rotating amber light bar now but I dont know the width of the roof and was wondering if somebody had an exact measurement. 4x4 is another issue also as it quit working again and this time it might be the T-case

I do Ham radio(a Hustler NMO with mag mount 5/8 wave VHF cut antenna is on the roof)and CB, which is what the 8.5 foot Hustler IC56 antenna is bolted on the side for, but can also function for a 10 meter ham antenna(cant use it yet though for that since I have a tech license from the FCC). All the other antennas came off as 1 was broke and 2 were unused(The Wilson 5000 got knocked off by trees which is why I went with a side mount antenna)

As you can see photography is my thing also. This photo was taken down the street from my house where I sit and watch trains roll by on the NS Chicago Line. Shot on a Nikon D3100 in .RAW and processed in .RAW

Glad to find this forum so I can learn some new stuff about my first car

73 from KD9GLW aka Shad "Steve" Vargo