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The fishin' thread (NWexplorers)

See how y'all are.

Guess I'l have to refrain form keeping you all posted on where the fish are at after the snow melts.

ya see there are always these mountains in my trips for I won't go where others are likely to interfere with my solitude. And sadly you'll see more mountains than fish. When i actually catch a fish I get to excited to think about pics before releasing it. :bounce:

P.s. Looks like fun Albino, wish zaira and I could have made it. We did get to hit the hills for a bit yesterday afternoon. No adventures to speak of , but I sure did get the truck dirty looking for road accesible lakes. Most of the FS roads are in BAD shape (wind and flood damage).

Snow line is up to about 2800 on the exposed side.
woo hoo another month and I get to start in on them rainbow's up where the truck can't go

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Put the two together

We just need to put the two (fish and mountains) together and we'll be in shangrilah (sp) :bounce:

I guess lakes open this weekend. Not sure if I'll be able to go anywhere though.


Zaira and I have been scouting up around darrington and skykomish.
The snow line is getting up close to the 2800-3000 level, but the flood damage is extensive. We have yet to find a really good lake to fish that met my criteria.

I have to see fish jumpin, or signs of their presence
If there's no fish there had better be Herps
Can't be to brushy for we don't have any water craft
No Snow and ice (kids)
No Serious kid hazards

We have had a couple short hikes along the stilly which is running to fast and icky for fish IMO.
We also got the truck extremely muddy, almost stuck, and nearly crushed the passenger side on a vw sized rock. :nono:
Guess I should have gone to Reiter Pit instead huh.

By the way Albino, My Green Trails of the area shows a primary/secondary forest road(not to bad) to within 3/4 mile of lake isabel outlet. Perhaps we don't have to go up the ORV trail to check it out. It is probably still snow covered though.

More fish!

Dreamr, you're way behind buddy, you too jrgaylor.

We live about 1 mile from Lake Boren, a small lake, maybe 100 acres. It was stocked with 1,000 rainbows on March 23rd. I didn't figure it out until yesterday. It is also open all year.

Sooo, Travis and I went over after dinner AND ..........I caught the first one, Travis caught the other two.

We'll be back there tomorrow evening. :p


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weekend explorations

As summer drags it's warm cozy days a bit closer I am beseeched by the need to spend a quite peaceful day upon a slab of granite. With the clear blue/ green alpine lakes revealing the secrets of their depths. If a fish rises to join me then the journey becomes that much better.

Seeking to soothe my summer fever I headed back up the familiar trail to Heather Lake on Saturday. At the trail head it was obvious the snow line had receded a bit, but the debate still raged. Ice axe or fishing pole? The crispness of the air made me choose the ice axe. What a poor choice that was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I'm so excited!!!!!!!!! Fishin time
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

I also ran up to the top of the ridge to look down upon Lake 22 which was also bare, and I could see the fish jumpin even from 500 feet up :bounce:

The snow has melted incredibly fast!! If you scroll back through a few of my posts on this thread you will find a pictures of this same area.
(post dated 3-15)

Sunday brought a new adventure.
Albino kindly let me borrow a fly rod and a pair of waders. We spent the afternoon fishin' some lovely sections of stream east of Snoqualmie Pass.

No fish though there really should have been.

No good pictures either because for most of the time I forgot that there was a camera under those waders.

It was however a great time, and may have convinced me to pick up some fly gear.

Though I must admit that I had completely forgotten how to cast. Thanks Albino for the tips and advice. I think the memory of it started returning to me there in the end, though it will take many more trips (hint) before I can try to mimic Albino's fluid ease with the old fly rod.

Next weekend is the return to Lake 22. WITH MY FISHING POLE!!!!!!!!!!

The return to lake 22

As the mist began rising off the mountains, revealing the sparkling emerald waters, and the glistening granite rocks tossed here and there by the wandering glaciers, I begin to find my spirit yet again.


Through the rain we wander up to this place of inspiration and find ourselves a nice vantage point while we rig up the lines, and secure our packs out of the weather.

Thinking that all is going to be lost due to the morning rains, I wander on up and around the lake. The mist lying heavy over the water hides us from one another, the solitude only being disturbed by the plop of a lure in the water.

Then suddenly their is this excited holler over the radio, the gf had just led a huge Rainbow right up to the rock she was standing on. Of course being the savvy old man fish that he is, he gives the lure a final little butt with his nose and meanders down to deeper waters.


As the sun cleared away the mists for a bit, and we were able to locate one another we wandered back together to brew a pot of coffee. Over our warm beverages we discussed the idea of bushwacking over to Heather Lake, but decided that we were here and those fish were ours.

Back to fishin, we slowly worked our way around 2/3 of the lake, Shiloh never got another bite (she should have listened to my lure advice :rolleyes: )
Me I caught one litttle guy, though I never did get him past the surface of the water. Several bites on golds and yellow's. And for the grand pappy fish. I spent an hour and a half and every trick in the book tryting to get him to hit my lure, but he only came out to play with it 2 more times, and never tried to bite it.

No fish pics, but at least we had a good time.

Untill next weekend

Finallay fish pics

So regardless of the threat of rain, the Gf and I headed up to Pine and Cedar lakes, in the Chuckanut Mountain area, for a weekend camping/fishing trip. I had forgotten from last summer what a strenous hike this was for only 2.4 miles. Eventually we arrived at the shore of Pine Lake, and could set up camp.


The first evening on the lake brought a lot of snags for us both, and a couple lost lures for Shiloh. While she was struggling, I wandered around the lake and managed to catch a small rainbow and a small brookie.


We woke to sullen skies once again, and had a quick breakfast before starting to fish. The fish were jumping all morning, but for some reason had no interest in our lures. By 11 we were bored with Pine lake and decided to head over to Cedar, which we found to be unfishable without a raft.


Having got the hiking legs warmed up how could we resist the steep trail up to the ridgeline and the incredible view.


After the descent, we headed back to Pine Lake for the afternoon fishing.
We had lunch, and I decided to try the whole beside my tent. My second cast netted a rainbow. I then turned the hole over to Shiloh who proceeded to pull two more from it. I had wandered around the lake and also manged to catch a couple more before retiring to the campsite for dinner.

Overall an enjoyable trip. To bad you weren't with us Albino!!! Might have been a pain with the fly pole, but the lake was truly alive with fish! We'll have to head up again.

Trip Tally

2 fish and 5 lost lures

5 fish and 2 lost lures

Ironic numbers aren't they.





dreamr said:
Having got the hiking legs warmed up how could we resist the steep trail up to the ridgeline and the incredible view.


Overall an enjoyable trip. To bad you weren't with us Albino!!! Might have been a pain with the fly pole, but the lake was truly alive with fish! We'll have to head up again.

Trip Tally

2 fish and 5 lost lures

5 fish and 2 lost lures

Ironic numbers aren't they.


I love the view of the San Jaun Islands from there. Too bad it wasn't a clear day and that was a 10mb picture. It would look good blown up to 4'x8' on my wall!

When are you getting that fly rod? :banghead:

I am not sure when I am going to pick-up a fly rod.

There is a combo kit at G.I. Joe's that I am entertaining. It is not a spectacular pole, only about $90 though so the price is right.

The handle is threaded, so you can add the extra piece on the end, and swap out for the spinning reel. It comes with both reels (fly and spin) and comes in a case the size of a notebook binder. Overall very versatile, and low enough cost that when I do eventually break it on the side of some mountain I won't be too angry,

However the real challenge is not spending that money on my truck.......I really want new shocks and of course the bumpers and sliders!

Or a good GPS unit......

SO what's next?

Next weekend I am trying to find a good hike and fishing for my daughter, but have no plans over memorial day. Though I am sure the city will be less populated than the hills :rolleyes:

I really should update this thread soon. I have many lakes in the last couple weeks, and am half crippled for the effort. Hmmm... maybe after a hot bath I'll upload a few pics and a bit of text.

Albino, where are you when I travel to these little mountain jewels???

I know it doesn't pertain to fishin',But you have mentioned the mountains alot so I guess this kinda fits in here, at the end of August I am going to hike to the top of Mt.St.Helens.I had a chance to go last year and pasted it up,I think it should have a good view.

Mt saint Helens ehh. Sounds fun, and very strenous! I am sure there are other ways up, but the only one i found info on says five miles and 4500 ft elevation gain. I think my knees would ache a bit, but it would be a very pleasant adventure, and I bet the view from 8600+ feet is amazing.

So to update the fishin thread with my adventures of the past couple weeks. I'll try to be brief and not tell to much about the non-fishing adventures.

It seems the weather has been pretty wet over the last weekends, which added a element of mystery to our memorial day weekend. Originally I had no intentions of going out and joining the masses of city folk pretending to be mountaineers, but the wet weather got my hopes up.

Ya' see though they live in the NW your average Seattle-ite runs from rain when without their shelters and conveniences, though there are many hardy folk intermingled so a few were always disturbing the tranquility of nature.

Friday the 28th I had managed to get off work early and promised my daughter a day on the trail, so we grabbed the gore tex, and went to do some investigating. Albino had asked if Bear Lake was open yet. So up we headed. The road was a mess after the last turn heading to the pinnacle lake trail head, and a couple trees had to be chopped and dragged out of the way. And!!! I learned that my truck has very little departure angle when going through diaganol crevases in the road. Enough said :banghead:

My daughter and I arrived at the trail head to find a trail in as bad a condition as the road. She perserveered(sp?) and made the easy .3 mile to Bear lake which was ice free. There was a bit of snow around the edges and the camps were a muddy mess, but the brookies were jumpin out there. We tried our luck for a bit before she drug me to hike up the rest of the 1.5 mile to pinnacle lake. The hike was rather treacherous for a 4-year old, but we finally cleared the trees into a valley pummeled by the icy grip of winter, yet flowers were blooming in the ice. Pinnacle is 1/2 way ice free but has a couple really scary looking avalanche fields on the far side by iodine gulch. Be Good fishin by summer solstice though. It may even be ice free by this week but probably not.

Bear Lake

Sunday the 30th. My girlfriend and I decided to hike to the summit of Mount Pilchuk. It was a very misty day and the hike quickly warmed us. The trail was in good shape and snow free but for the last mile. But I suppose that is to be expected over 5000 feet in May. Up top we could only see about twenty feet and the footing was pretty slippery on the old rotten snow. In places we were post holing up to our knees, but overall It was fun.

A pic of shiloh near the summit

Monday the 31st found me with a need to scout the Alpine Lakes. Shiloh and I strapped are packs with ice gear as well as fishin poles and headed out early.
We were going to go in via the new trail up to mason lake but were detered by the crowds. Instead we headed in Via Talapus Lake trail.

The weather was chilly and a bit drizzily but only occasionally. The 2 miles to Talapus were easy and crowded with day hikers. We mostly kept our heads down and set a brisk pace. After about half an hour we found ourselves at Talapus Lake. It was Ice Free and had 4 campers around it. We climbed out into the outlet looking for signs of fish but they were not active and down deep. I reckon they weren't feeling to cozy with the cold weather and all. not to mention the fishin pressure.

Soon we were heading up. A brief pause at Olallie Lake showed a few fisherman stomping around in the mud and icy snow to fish the recently thawed lake. Many a mountaineer has told me tales of big fish in Ollalie if you know how to fish it. Me thinks there full of sh**, and just trying to keep me away from the true fish pots up above.

That said we headed up the mountains into the curtain of mist hangin over the lower lakes. Around Olallie and up to the 1st ridge line ther was quite a bit of rotten snow and ice on the trail. But interestingly it disappeared after about 4000 feet and never reappeared. By the time we got to the Basin of Lakes on top it was getting time to eat so we took a quick loop to see them all and dropped into a sheltered basin for lunch.

This Basin and our quick loop on top included; Island Lake, Rainbow Lake, Blazer Lake, Lake Kulla Kulla, and Mason Lake. Most are completely ice free with some snow around the edges. The more Sheltered two, Island and Kulla Kulla, had the most ice. Island was 3/4 exposed water, and Kulla Kulla about 1/2. To keep the amount of pics down here is one from one of the ridglines you figure out which one.


This weekend we headed up to Mt Baker with my daughter. Again the weather was a bit damp. But actually turned out to be much nicer than expected. A day spent on the forest roads showed a lot of damage, and our favorite little camping spot on Skyline Ridge Road to be inaccessible due to a stream tripling in size and eating out the bridge and road, and for that matter the whole face of the mountain. We settled for a couple river hikes along the nooksack river, and headed back to silver lake for a bit of fishing. You really need to fish this lake with a boat, but $ was a little tight so we gave it a shot from shore. Mostly I worked on perfecting My daughters casting abilities. She's getting pretty good. I mean look at that determination.


That's all folks, well at least till next weekend. :D

Montana counts.........RIGHT!!!!!!!!

OK folks, got the pictures back from our tip to visit the in-laws in Montana. Well, my wife visited while I spent $400 on a fly fishing float trip. If Dreamr had been there, we could have done 2 day-long floats for that price.

Anyway, the temperature had been pretty high for a couple of days causing extra snow melt in the mountains. My guide, Jed, opted to float the Blackfoot River, NE of Missoula. The river had come up but was still fairly clear so off we went.

I had the King's seat in the bow since I was the only one in the boat. Jed rigged up two of his rods as I pulled mine out of its case. He glanced at my leader and asked if I had anything bigger (I just put on a new 9'-6X) like a 2X? my jaw dropped, I never used anything that big (to a Washington fish, that would look like a rope). Then he showed me the fly he wanted to use :eek: Hope my casting was good cause I don't want to get hit buy that, it would raise a welt! :nono:

My timing was way off, both casting and setting the hook and Jed yelled "SET" many times with no result.

Finally! :bounce: I managed to pull the rod up just as Jed opened his mouth and instead of pulling the fly out of the water, the rod bent over double :bounce: 5 mintues later, Jed grabbed the net and............

Too bad Jed wasn't as good of a photographer as he was a guide :rolleyes:

Anyway, the rest of the day was challenging but rewarding. All-told, about 20 fish landed, 2-20" Brown trout, 5-6 14"-16" rainbows, 5-6 12"-14" Cutthrouts, 1-14" whitefish and a Bull tout tried to eat my strike indicator.


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2 1/2 months and the fall run starts :bounce:

jrgaylor said:
2 1/2 months and the fall run starts :bounce:

3 weeks and the Blackmouths should be in the middle Sound :bounce: :bounce: We saw a 40+lb Blackmouth in the fish ladder at the Ballard Locks last week. They needed a towel to clean up my drooling.

I will be needing someone to help launch the boat in West Seattle, then we can run behind Blake Island and fish the ledges, down to Three Tree Point and troll the triangle in the entrance of Quartermaster Harbor


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Do you have a tow rig or do you use your explorer?

jrgaylor said:
Do you have a tow rig or do you use your explorer?
It's about 3,000lbs so the X tows it fairly well. We'll be shopping for a bigger one this winter but I still need to pull it with the X.

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As My favorite three day holiday of the year (father's day, summer solstice, and my B-Day) approached I had to convince my daughter and gf to head to the hills for a now extended four day weekend.

We headed in to the woods around Verlot, and found them to be nearly as well populated as our little corner of Shoreline. This in mind we started looking for those scary overgrown fireroads. After hiking down a few and finding a suitable campsite we drug out the axe and saw and preceded to move all of last years deadfall out of the path.

A couple hours later we were established and got to explore the area a bit. My daughter was ecstatic as she caught a salamander, 2 frogs and a snake in the next hour :rolleyes: See what happens when you teach a kid to much :rolleyes:

Oh yeah how could I forget the fish we managed to jig out of a small mountain stream for dinner. That was fun. There was this extremely undercut bank with 3 large shadows hiding in it. After about a half hour of experimenting with "natural jigs" we pulled out two 4-5 inch brookies to supplement dinner. I haven't done that in years, it was almost funner than the lakes. Any way here are Zaira's streamside herp captures.




I think the frog and newt pic are actually from Boardman lake, and it was two frogs and a snake she caught by the stream. But moving on.

Day 2 Found us taking the short .8 mile hike to Boardman Lake. It was hot as heck and the fishing sucked!!!! Only one fish, and it was more like a minnow. Good practice for Zaira though and we got to explore the entire basin to get under the shady trees ;)

Boardman Lake

Casting Lessons at Boardman

Day 3 found the sun once again beating down on us. Heedless of the fact that it would send the fish down deep we headed up to Kelcema Lake in the Boulder River Wilderness. This gorgeous little alpine lake is easily accesible by a short half mile hike, and THERE'S FISH IN THERE!!!!

First Cast out, and I am just getting the feel for the lure and suddenly the pole doubles over, the drag is spinning out line. Frantically I tighten it up and start the fight. I was rather surprised to find myself sweating over a little mountain trout, but man he was a fiesty one. Finally on the land he was around the 7 maybe 8 inch mark and a bit skinny, but it was a Alpine Rainbow!! I plied the same general area for 15 or 20 minutes before moving on. Next stop first cast and bam. This rainbow takes of running, and as soon as I start to reel he's out of the water flappin around like a damn marlin. I finally got him in under the willows, and as I reach to get the lure it pulls free and away he swims. I didn't mind, it made catch and release that much easier , but means no pics for y'all.

In the meantime my daughter and g/f had been plying my earlier hole. Shiloh had no luck, but Zaira was convinced they were biting her fake bait (maybe, but likely a wishful 4 year old). Me I found myself trying to learn how to cast under willows that touch the water when an ear splitting scream cuts the air and suddenly the radio crackles with a frantic voice. Sadly Shiloh had managed to hook Zaira in the cheek. She didn't actually get hooked, rather scrathed, which was enough to ruin her day. So proceded to make us head for camp and spend the next day exploring rather than fishing. The worst part is, she made me leave at 4:50. Another hour and I would have had more fish than I could deal with :rolleyes:

Kelcema Lake

Zaira showin off her fishin skills

Good thing Albino and I are going back tomorrow, I feel cheated :)

Sorry for all the pics, but what can I say I am a dad and she is so cute :rolleyes: