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The Gem Conundrum

Keep the Mountaineer or Explorer?

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I like the Escapes but nothing beats the toughness of a pushrod motor in a truck frame. The missus would love an Escape though.

I'm been thinking the same thing. If this beauty goes to someone who's just going to abuse her it might break my heart.

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Well, I just posted the Explorer for sale. Here's some pics to enjoy for she goes bye-bye
















Super clean truck. Pretty much my least favorite color of all-time, but I'm sure someone will snap it up quickly.

Tan/brown on Champagne is HYPER 90's. Least favorite thing about it by a wide margin, haha.
Oh, just realized you can see the Mountaineer in the background on a couple shots.
I'll have to take and post up some for it too but she isn't going anywhere, haha.

The Mustang got my attention.

Shhh, that's a secret ;-)
Your secret will be safe in this thread. The passenger mirror shot was perfect, but it is not closer than it appears.

Well, the Explorer didn't last long. Sold to the first guy who looked at it. I wasn't lowering my price either. Sad to see her go.

I'll detail the Mountaineer and take some pictures soon for you guys. The poll was CORRECT!

The 302/4r70w is the way to go. My 99 Mountaineer 5.0 has 224,000 and the engine and tranny are original and still running great. Good luck.

Both are in such great shape with low miles it was tough. The Explorer was almost spotless too. But yeah, ultimately it was the reliable 302 + uber beefy trans + towing capability that won out.
The 4R55e in the Explorer had me skiddish. Sure, the thing had no miles and still got several servicings but I'm wary of relying on it when it comes to towing. Bad rep.
Only issue with the Mountaineer is a sticky lifter that has been annoying me. Too much time sitting around barely used by its elderly former owner. Other than that, rock solid.

Lifter tick is a good excuse for a new cam and 1.7 roller rockers.

Hahaha. Since I work from home it's mostly driven by the missus. She wont even let me open up the exhaust a little :-/