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The Green Buffalo

Note -- Most of you know this as easys94 .The rig did not have a name, I got to make a major run - Moab 2015. The rig got its name there. Anthony (aka Suicide77) is one that put the tag on it. So it will be the Green Buffalo or just the Buffalo for short

I picked up a 94 EB 2d last night from Jay in Plano Tx. I need to thank Jay for all the work he has put into this rig. Hopefully I can keep it going. I also need to thank Kris Guilbeaux and Mike(TexasArmadillio) for puting me on to this last week at the meet in Elgin. I wasnt looking for a new rig, but after hearing them talk about it , I had to check it out - now its mine:D

Mike (reaper) and I took it out to city lake earlier and gave it a little test run,they had most of the trails closed(dont know why) but still had fun. Its AWESOME.
Mike has some pics he will post in a little.

This one I took at the house

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Had a great day. Russell got here and we got the engine out of the Buffalo.
Have the other one almost ready to come out. Will get that done in the morning. Hope to have it in and running tomorrow. Will not have the rig it self road ready, have to wait till next weekend to get the manual transfer.




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Some more pics from Saturday, I have none from Sunday.





Sunday was a typical day for doing an engine swap, most items went well, but towards the end when installing the donor motor into the Buffalo, murphy's law raised his ugly head. Still moving forward.

We got the manual xfer Saturday, will be installed this week.

I wished I had my camera Saturday, getting a pic of Robert with the oil on him from what spilled out of the xfer case when he carried it to the p/u. :D


After a good beginning on the Buffalo today, ran into a problem that we decided to go a different route.

Got the engine set correctly into the engine bay. We had been using the tractor for lift due to height, but it was not feasible for setting it back in, the hydraulics on the tractor are just too touchy for minor moves and had no left to right controls with the system. So we got a engine hoist from Harbor Freight and used it since the motor was already in the engine bay and did not need to be lifted but a few inches to line up on the motor mounts.

Robert went ahead and replaced the spark plugs since there was plenty of room.


We were planning on dropping the transmission and then bolting the manual transfer and then reinstall both at the same time. But a small but important tool we did not have (and driving to the nearest open auto parts store would be around an 80 mile round trip).

The disconnect of the slave cylinder line at the transmission ( I forget the (and at this time don't care) proper name for it had to come off.


After text messaging the A-Team, I got a call from [MENTION=97]Kris Guilbeaux[/MENTION], he explained how to disconnect it without the special tool. After about 45 minutes and not getting it disconnected (we both were at the point that we were afraid of causing damage and having a lot more problems) we decided just mount the transmission back to the engine and mount the transfer case after the engine and transmission are reconnected. Now the dang transmission would not line up because the exhaust crossover pipe was in the way, and we had pulled the transmission back over it to begin with.

So now the bolts and nuts for the one flange that is still connected on the crossover pipe is soaking in lub overnight. Going to retry tomorrow.

We might be having stupid little issues, but I am sure having fun working on the Green Buffalo with my brother.

Good day of working on the Green Buffalo today. Xmission and xfer case are reinstalled and reconnected. I only have two pics from today, Robert has a few more.

For those who know how Robert and myself bi#@h at each other when we work together, you would of had several good laughs today. Too bad we didn't get them on video. :D

Robert working on the exhaust nuts and bolts.


I have no idea what he was doing at this time.


Like Mike said was a great weekend working together on the Buffalo. We are getting things done, even with all of our miss haps. As much as I hate to say it, but Mike was right one time:(. It was ok - I got him back later :D .

This is to show the trans and transfer back in place. ( Now it they work is yet to be seen :D )

Now the best picture of the Day


Robert and I got to do a little on the Buffalo today, more tomorrow.

Robert playing with heat and hot stuff!



Putting the r/s exhaust back on, and of course stripped two mounting holes, gonna tap them tomorrow, like normal, the tap set is at my house.


We did get some wiring reconnected and accessories remounted.

Got to do a little more on the Buffalo today, started off by having to make the fan clutch tool.

May not look purtty....



.... but it works just fine


Beginning to look like a rig again in the engine compartment


[MENTION=173980]easymc[/MENTION] and [MENTION=296339]willie s[/MENTION] getting to do a little of the Buffalo today,


of course, had to have break times


Wow, yall are making great progress! Kris and I are still trying to figure out when to get back up there to get it running again!

Yep looks like y'all are doing great.

Mounted the tires for the Green Buffalo today. We ran into Temple yesterday and got a tire changer mount from Harbor Freight ( and a few more things of course :D )

The mount does it's job, but one thing we noticed is the bead tool is not very good, we are just going to replace it with a good one. And it needs to be anchored, but hey, for the price and what we are doing, it will work.

[MENTION=173980]easymc[/MENTION] and [MENTION=296339]willie s[/MENTION] doing their thing.



In order to soften the rubber to make it easier to mount, we put the next tire near the stove to heat the rubber some, it did make a slight difference in mounting on the rim, plus it was an excuse to light a fire.




They are going to look pretty good on the Buffalo, here the rear end is still on jack stands.



Some more to do tomorrow before the weather turns.

Who has seen this set up on a front hub on a X?


We were just going to replace stripped studs, when we got this "WTF?". The gears do not mesh into anything on the D35, and how to remove the gear to access the studs is unknown to us. There looks to be indentions on the gear to put a special tool, but am not sure what they are actually for, and even using a BFH or pry bar was out of the question, did not want to cause damage.

Well that's a big "duh", :banghead: :banghead: that makes my face tight. Thanks Russell, that good ol' search button answered the rest of my questions.

anytime buddy!!! when are yea wanting to drop off the Jack and the donor?

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anytime buddy!!! when are yea wanting to drop off the Jack and the donor?

anytime after next week works fine for me, just let me know when ya'll are ready!! :D