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The Lt.'s 98 XLT **Pictures are up check it out**

Well for starters I guess that I will mention something about the audio set up and what I have planed. I am currently running:
Kenwood eXcelon head unit
Kenwood 400X4 Amplifier (came with the truck)
(Front Doors) Alpine Type R Component Set (came with the truck)
(Rear Doors) Alpine Type R Component Set (came with the truck)
Rockford Fosgate BD1000.1 Power Amplifier
3 Crossfire BMF 10" subs in a vented box

Due to the fact that I do not have the power to push these things yet I have not put them in yet...
Low's (cont)
VR1000D Crossfire Amp certified at 1324 Watts
2 Crossfire BMF 12" subs in a vented box.

I am in need of a set of 1/0 gauge wire, another VR1000D amp, and 1 more BMF 12" sub. After I get those 3 things I think that I am going to try to take the truck to a competition and see how I do. I had the 2 12"s in my Pontiac and it was/is the loudest car in my state chapter of my car club.

I am going to have pictures of the truck up tomorrow. The weather has not been the best. Here is a picture that my brother sent me before he left WY.

Here it is...98 Expo XLT AWD. 5.0 V8
Tell me what you think...



It came with 2 full sets of Alpine Type R Components. One set in the front doors and one in the rear's.




And a Kenwood 400watt amp pushing them. I am going to be replacing it with my big Rockford 4 chan.


I put a little something in for the low lows to. 3 Crossfire BMF 10's



It also came with a brand new set of knobs for it...they are a little dirty from me "testing" them out.



It has a cracked tail light but I took care of that with this great e-bay soon as I get them they are going on. It was cheaper to buy both of these vs. one stock one. :shock:

But there it is like I said tell me what you think.