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The new girl!


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May 9, 2006
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Eastern Shore, MD
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'01 XLT
Hi, I'm Kate.. I have a 2001 Exp XLT. Sorry for the kind of ****eyed perspective, I was trying to take a picture of the freak snowstorm rather than the truck. You get the idea, though. :D This is my first SUV/Truck, I always had small sport cars up until the day I found out I was going to have twins. So I upgraded to something with a bit more room. My husband has a '97 F150 which he loves and will take to the grave so he wanted me to get a Ford also.

I'm actually taking mine in to be looked at next week and am hoping it simply needs new spark plugs. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Search around and enjoy the prethora of info about your new (to you) SUV.

Welcome to the site. :thumbsup:

Actually, I've had it about 18 months now, but it still feels new to me!

Welcome to the site

Me too!

I'm new too! I love the look of my explorer and am just looking to get quirky information and to see pics of other peoples. Let me know if anyone wants pics. I've had my explora for about 6 months now. :)

Hey there! I can sympathize with going from sports cars to big trucks! I just did the same thing! (See the sig lol)

quirky information? welcome....

The information is pretty straight forward.
Its just us posters that are "quirky". ;)

 you have anything planned for your trucK?

Welcome to the site Kate, we have several other explorer owners in the MD/VA/PA region who are also members and regular posters. Keep an eye out for any Maryland Meet and Greet threads, they usually crop up every few months.

Welcome to the site chica's!

Nothing planned for it yet, though maybe you guys can give me some ideas! The only thing I've thought of doing is getting a fancy grill and possibly a car wash.

Hi Kate and welcome to the site. Nice to see more and more ladies joining us. Check around to see what interests you. We ladies also have our own area of the site, check here:Explorer Babes

See ya around