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The New Rig!

My Sport Trac is still a good truck on the road after the SAS, but for long hauls I wanted something a little more comfortable. Not to mention the security of still being able to make it home if something wasnt fixable on the trail. I also routinely tow a 6500lbs boat and another 8-10K lbs. trailer and lots of lumber, etc that requires a real bed.

Anyway, it's a 2010 F350 with the 6.4 Powerstroke. I picked it up with 84K miles on it and a full report of dealer maintenance from the previous owner dating back to Day 1. So far Ive driven about 4500 miles in the past month since getting it, and about 3000 of those are with 7000+ lbs on the back. I must say after dealing with 250s, the extra payload of the 350 is well worth it. It sure is a smooth ride and all the extras in the Lariat package are nice like SYNC.

On to the pictures:




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She can tow boats!



All set for the Clemson First Friday Parade 2014


And the main reason I got her



LED Headlight and Foglight install:








Heads and Fogs In-Cab:


Bed Light and Truck Box Light Install: I wanted to be able to turn these on whenever I wanted to so the Aux switches in the cab weren't going to be an option since they are only on key power. I tapped into the fuse box and ran a hot wire to the back of the truck and also made a ground junction for these as well as a set of aux reverse lights.

Here's a link to my writeup. Bed Light and Truck Box Light Install



Here's where the light strips are mounted:


And I tucked the switch up under the bed rail so it's out of sight and the weather.


Last weekend I installed a set of hidden auxiliary reverse lights that I was given by the hitch. This weekend I hope to install a factory nav unit and get my backup camera working from the new tailgate (My old one was stolen sadly).


Why are you taking up space on the fuel isle? WTH, you know I don't have time to wait for little trucks to block the isles.


You need something like these (some of my old and present work rigs)to be able to do that...

and yes I know my truck number was 420, I got messed with that everywhere. LOL





Hey I pulled up lol. The idiots that don't really need to learn how truck stops work.

I know, figured I'd mess with ya. Although it looks like the back of the boats are still in the isle. Trucks need to pull up to where the nose is past the garbage cans and concrete barriers to fill the tanks.

I'm stuck in the house I gotta have fun somehow. Kinda glad I'm not driving right now though. If you notice the last rig (my current work truck) is only a single screw and I don't haul a lot of weight in the wagon so winter time on the mountians isn't fun at all.

Haha I hear ya. The way it sits, if I pull up to the line up front Im about 10ft past the cans. Front bumper to stern I'm the same length as a 53' truck & trailer with a turning radius of about 10 times one so thats always fun...

How'd you like the Volvo? I heard the interiors are nice but the drivetrain isn't quite on par with a Pete or KW.

Thanks to the jacka** that decided he needed my tailgate more than me I was able to get repercussions and afford a new gate as well as pay for a radio upgrade with nag and a backup camera so this Friday I installed everything. So many wires...




Kinda cool, my truck has manners now and says "Good morning" "good afternoon" or "good evening" on the screen when I start it up depending on the time of day.

LOL. I loved driving the Volvo's, great ride and comfortable interior. The drivetrains are good although we did get a bad batch of trucks when the D16 engine first came out. I had two turbos blow out within three months of each other (brand new design turbo they didn't have the bugs worked out). Other than that they're awesome rigs, better than the Pete's and kw's from my experience. Pete's and kw's are like Harley's and jeeps, huge following just because of name but they have way more issues than anyone ever heard about. Bad problems at that, Pete's have horrible wiring with tons of shorts and truck fires even when shut off.

Nice functional upgrades. Must be hard to decide where to spend the upgrades now.

Thanks man. Most of them have been gifts over the years ( the benefit of having your bday and Christmas within a couple weeks) and it just took time to install. I've spent less on the big truck than the trac by a ton haha.

You gotta do the hose clamp tailgate lock or get a pop n' lock lock handle.

Ha I had a tailgate lock before I even got the new gate. The cops found my original one but the ******* had already taken everything apart and sanded it so it doesn't have a step anymore.

Saw a new load on the trailer last weekend. My buddy's Jeep quit on him about halfway home from our offroad trip so the Trac got bumped off and the 5.3L swapped TJ loaded up. I can't believe how much lighter and shorter the TJ is compared to the Trac. My truck hardly knew it was back there.


For comparison, heres the ST loaded up. I was able to adjust the ramps to get it to sit back about 1ft further on the trailer than in this pic so it isn't as tongue heavy but you get the idea.


That second picture just looks right.

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Guess I'm not the only one burning the midnight oil haha

Thanks man, I love having an all-Ford rig