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The Official Joke Thread

Iowa Hick

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March 4, 2003
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Bloomfield, IA
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1995 Eddie Bauer
Most likely through shear boredom at work, it seems to me that it would be a good idea to have a long thread full of everyones favorite, preferable clean, jokes, so I will start it off

One day a farmer asked two friends from the city to come down and go hunting with him, they agreed and all three of them loaded up in the truck and he drove them to another farmers house. He told them to wait in the truck and went up to ask the farmer if they could hunt on his land. The farmer replied " You can hunt on my land on one condition, you have to shoot my that old horse, he is getting old and crippled up, but I just cant bring myself to put him out of his misery." so the man agreed

On his way back to the truck he decided to play a trick on his two city friends, he told them "that guy says we can't hunt on his land, but we're going to anyway, and on top of that I am going to kill his horse. that will teach him to refuse to let us hunt"

Lauging to himself at his joke he went and shot the horse and was returning when he heard two more gunshots, when he asked his friends what happened, one replied "we saw how mad you were at that guy so we killed two of his cows."