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The Revamp Begins - My first very used X

Vehicle: RBT 1998 Ford Explorer 2Dr 5sp 4.0 4x4
Year Exterior/Interior; 1992 to 1994 (exact year unknown)
Mechanical: Mix of parts ranging from 1992 - 1998
Brief history: truck stolen, insurance paid out, vehicle found striped in another province, previous owner buys back scrap vehicle and rebuilds using newer mechanical parts on original body. The ownership states that it is a RBT1998 X however the body and interior are that of a 1992-1994.

What have I done thus far; :D

Audio: wired stereo in vehicle back to original with a newer amp and deck, no existing system was present, sounds great :thumbsup:
Exterior: replaced molding on front drivers wheel well, down drivers side and inside of drivers rear wheel well (from 1994 explorer), replaced all wheel lugs and caps as I twisted off 1/2 of them trying to take off the wheels and had to torch some off.
Interior: replaced entire dash, odometer assembly cover, steering wheel, door skins (mazda), front/rear seats

What I need to do;;)
Interior: "replace" inner roof skin, rear door panel, rear speaker cover
Exterior: "paint gloss black" all molding, window skins, roof rack, and repair rust on lower parts of vehicle
Mechanical:"solve" problems with sticky shifter in to 1 or 2, rough idle at cold start, poor fuel economy, wobble at 110 and growl from front end

I'll be sure to post before and after pics of paint, body work ect. I do need help however before I can paint. My truck is not Deep Jewel Green Met, Emerald Green Met,Aqua, Cayman Met, it his a dark green with a bit of (almost) ultramarine blue and a metallic fleck in it but I can not find the exact paint to match. Anyone have an Idea of the colour I may have here.:rolleyes: It may be Tourmaline but I can not find anything on the net to compare it to:thumbdwn: and because my X is a RBT it had all the door stickers ect removed.:mad:




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u got pics of it