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The Simpson's Thread


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February 9, 1999
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I like the simpsons first season.. You can definatly see how they evolved over time.. I will be buying other seasons as they come out..

I also found that if I watch it on DVD that I can pause, back up.. etc and I can see things I didn't catch when it was on TV.. (plus I don't have any snow in the image caused by bad reception) :)

Yes that DVD tracker program is free (you can pay $15 or so to get the delux version which gives you high res graphics for cover art instead of low res).. We have 337 scanned in now.. (3 more to do tomorrow). I believe you can have 500 checked in on the free version and have the list on the 'net (over 500 you must pay the $15 if you want the entire list to show on the 'net)

The program is called DVD profiler (
If you can find a Cue Cat (the radio shack bar code scanner type thing) at a Radio Shack (they are free) you can even scan in the UPC of the DVD to add it to your list (without the scanner you type in the UPC number)..

Give me a shout if you want more info on it..