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The SoCal RBV's Club Various Upcoming Meet and Greets

Would you guys be interested in meeting at a restaurant for breakfast or lunch on a Sunday? Peppertree Cafe (626) 914-9741 1020 E Route 66, Glendora, CA. They have a big parking lot for all our trucks. Let me know by pm or email me at Would be nice to do a once a month get together of Explorer, Rangers, Navajos etc... Stock or modified would work. Bring your family

..Great Idea...:biggthump

..If I wasn't working down by San Diego right now I would be up there in a heart beat..:burnout:

..I think if we post up in here it might draw more interest from others than by pm or email though..;)

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We can also do a beach meet (Huntington) or whatever is closest to you guys. I live in Upland and work in Downtown LA so anything in between. We can also meet at the Long Beach swapmeet at Veterans Stadium or Thursday Night at Irwindale Speedway

I'm up for a casual meet with coffee? Etc. From casual meetings we can go to actual taking a trip

If I can, I' ll go... Everything is kinda on hold right now, as I'm waiting on a schedule for another internet movie short:D :JP:

I'm a maybe - since it is just up the freeway from me.

..Just posting this..:D

..I'm heading down to San Diego the end of this week so if anyone needs anything picked up or delivered to/from San Diego let me know..:burnout: