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December 27, 2007
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New Cumberland WV
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99 Ranger x2
I bought this last year for my daughters graduation present. When I got it it was not running. After troubleshooting I figured out what had happened. The previous owner must have never changed the oil and it eventually ran low loosing oil pressure to the drivers side cam tensioner resulting in a jumped timing chain. After resetting the timing and changing the oil a couple times and putting in mobil , I turned it over to my daughter. After driving it for about a year it has been killing her on gas, she is going to college and working part time. She had told me it was clicking but I didn't get a chance to really check it out...until now. I bought a Neon for her to drive temporarily until we sell the ST and get her something better. Anyway the first thing I did was clean it up, I hate a dirty vehicle... Next I got into the clicking, I originally thought it was a lifter so I changed the oil, I wasn't that lucky. I am not the type of person to pass the buck on by selling to someone else to deal with so check it out.












Should have the motor out this weekend...

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Yep, the infamous tensioner. You said you're gonna sell it, what year and mileage?

Its an 01 with 147000 miles. It's a pretty nice truck.

How much were you asking for it, if you don't mind me asking?

I'll probably ask a little under book price and listen to offers. I think it books for around 55-6000

Are you going to fix it or just sell as is?

I am going to fix it, I think it will run as good as new once the timing is fixed. It has been very reliable and it didn't stop running we just stopped driving it.

It should as long as the chains didnt grind the tensioner up and sludge up the motor. It sounds like you caught it in time though. My job 1 runs like a top now, before it was running off of 3 cylinders.

The motor looks pretty clean inside, I'll have to check it out better.

Total shot in the dark here. I know you're on the other side of the country. But if you end up being interested in just selling parts from it I'm interested in the center console.

Thanks but its wayyy too nice to part out.

Progress! I got it pulled out, set on TDC and pulled all the pieces










Ok here's the progress...
Timing first...Put the balancer on TDC and be sure your on the compression stroke for #1 cylinder.(can't see the mark very well in my pic but it's there)

Next you can verify TDC on the good side by using a straight edge. I use a allen wrench that fits snug in the slot. I got 1 5/16 on both sides of the cam indicating it's parallel with the valve cover surface.


before I pulled the motor I was messing with the slack in the chain on the bad side and it jumped a tooth...twice. This indicates how far off it is, the slot should be parallel because it's at TDC.

Next I replaced the guide and tensioner. Don't worry about setting the timing yet, just get everything in position without tightening the sprocket all the way.


before I set the timing...

I set the timing with my allen wrench and ruler then torqued the sprocket bolt down making sure the tensioner was holding the slack out of the chain.


Next I reinstalled the valve covers, installed new plugs and cleaned the intake surfaces. Then I dropped it back in. Reinstalling the engine is one of the worse parts of the job. You have to line up the trans and convertor bolts when installing it which requires multiple trips from the top to the bottom of the engine...

Done! I haven't test drove it yet but it's all back together and no rattles! Now just a few minor things to do...
Test drive
Needs new hood shocks(hood won't stay up on it's own)
Clean the engine compartment
Noticed a broken sway bar link while I was under there...

Congrats! man, I must say you don't mess around! I need you to come hang out at my shop for a while!!

lol... I have to move fast we currently have 6 vehicles. Next up is either replacing the Neon's front bumper(already bought it, just needs painted and installed) or pull the 99 Ranger in and pull the motor. I don't have a good spare right now so I'll probably put one together for it...3.slow

Since it's running good now I took some better pictures today. I posted it on craigslist a little while ago.
Just thought I would share...



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Thanks! Well I ended up putting it on ebay. If you want to check it out here's the item number

Item number: 150608732587