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The start of a new addiction

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Thanks.. got the 33s I need to put on yet as well, hopefully by next winter I'll have a doubler set up

now that its been a few days since completion, have you had a chance to take it out or see some things that you would have done differently? Hows your clearance up front?

I haven't gotten to take it out yet.. I just got the regear done on the 30 so I had to take it back out I'll put it back in today but still won't really get to take it out since I live in the middle of town but clearance up front looks good I had to cut out another stock bracket on the passenger side.. it's part of the motor mount and the original axle tube bolts to it and I just had to shorten it up but didn't jeopardize the structural integrity of the motor mount in any way cuz that part was about an inch away from the top bracket mount on the 30 so I eliminated that issue right away

Here's a little before and after comparison.. one thing I did find out with the front of the my 4405 tcase is the it's got like a spherical ball bearing style yoke and there's no nut to take it off to put a yoke on it for a first gen front shaft so I planned on getting a 1354 manual case eventually but looks like I'm getting one a lot sooner than expected


Are those the 33's on? :)

Also, did you have to modify your rear drive shaft after the spring on top mod? Looks great

Yea those are the 33s on it and no the rear driveshaft worked just fine

Well heres what I got from a local salvage yard (french lake auto where gas monkey got that mustang GT 500) got the 1354 with the boot with manual trans and t-case since I have the five speed and the linkage!


Unbelievable.... what a great find. i have been looking for a 1354 for months here with no luck. I'm jealous of course.

Again - Great work!

Another question - :rolleyes: - what is the offset and brand on the wheels your using?

*** I do appreciate you taking the time and answering all my questions.

Wheels are trailmaster 15x10 the offset is 3.25 I believe.. and if you go to you can search for parts within your local area and within the whole United States as well and most junk yards will ship the part to you... For instance a 1354 manual case haha.. I know there are a handful on the site from junk yards here in Minnesota so give that a shot

on a side note heres my 89 f150 (hence the name bigred89), did a d44 swap on this and fully built 347 full roller stroker that i built, but this is my street queen cuz up here in minnesota you dont see too many of these gen fords that aint all rusted to **** so i clean her more than i drive her




Lil tedius stuff, got some new lil brackets coming to mount the shock absorbers on to the rear axle and front, got the brake lines hooked up but makes no sense cuz I'm not able to get the air out of the lines, I left the original calipers hooked up to the lines while I did everything just so I didn't need to worry about air and crap getting in the lines and so all I did was disconnected the lines from the old caliper and hooked it right up to the caliper on the d30 so idk what the deal is there, I don't understand how that much air would have gotten in the lines

For the front t drive shaft I'm using a 94 explorer/ranger shaft because those are a dual cardan shaft. The ranger I got the 1354 case out of was a 91 ranger and I bought that front shaft too cuz it was a good deal plus now I have a spare

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Took it around the block a few times yesterday in the snow since winter doesn't seem to wanna let spring arrive.. everything worked good from what I could tell so besides an oil change and a cooler for the power steering she's ready to rock, the Durango is my friends rig btw.